DraftKings week 9

This is our DraftKings weekly roundup. Here we will take a look at the past weeks winner, some of the best plays of the week, as well as the yearly leaderboard.

The week nine winner is Papagreeny as he piled up 94.98 points this week. It is one of the lower point total victories of the season. He his big with a stack of Haskins and Mclaurin. Evan engram also added in 20 points. This winning performance moves him up the yearly ladder. More on that in a bit.

Top performers of the week

Qb: Haskins 24.88

Rb: Hubbard 20.3

Wr: Mclaurin 25.6

The year long standings look as follows

  1. Wimmy 1033.84
  2. Fallen 1017.44
  3. Jt 969.5
  4. PapaGreeny 883.78
  5. Burn 853.72

One big week from any of these teams can shake up the standings. We have seen lower then average scores recently as we come to the end of the cycle. This is going to be a great opportunity for people to pay attention and try to steal the weekly and yearly points. Stay tuned for next weeks results.

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