Season 5 Predictions – NFC West

KingMike’s Predictions

NFC West

49ers – Nef – (7-9)

Nef is one of the hardest working coaches in PML in trying to understand football theory. Slowly but surely he has begun to get most of the basics down. Does this translate into the virtual football world? I don’t know. I do think he will be able to be a .500 team though. 

Seahawks – Mali – (7-9)

Another coach in the NFC West that will scrap .500. Even at 7-9 Mali will have his chance at another division title which will come along with a playoff berth. 

Cardinals – Goose – (10-6)

Goose will have a great final season. I predict he wins 10 games and makes his way into the playoffs. A couple of slip ups here and there though will have the Cardinals right in the thick of it with his division mates as this division always comes down to the wire. 

Rams – Mike D (4-12)

Mike D will take care of his son (Nef), but outside of those wins he will struggle in season 5. Mike D is a quality coach and as we head into Madden 22 this coach may be one to watch going forward. 


Jcclutch Preditions

NFC West


Cardinals 7-9


With so many divisions filled with tons of talent and high win totals…. There has to be a division like the NFC West to balance it out. While it took 8 wins to win the division last season, all of the schedules are very hard and the Cardinals are the most proven and still they might not reach .500. I want to see crazy stuff on next gen, but it doesn’t seem possible for the Cardinals who just lost Kyler Murray and Hopkins’ abilities to reach 8 wins even with their hard hitting and elite secondary.


Seahawks 5-11


Not only is Seattle not predicted to be great but Russell Wilson was injured in preseason and might miss regular season time which could throw off the game plan and lead to even worse play than is expected. Once again, not a great team in a bad division with an impossible schedule. If the Seahawks can step up on next gen they can claim a spot in the postseason for the final year of this cycle.


49ers 4-12


Such a promising season destroyed down the stretch last season and now San Francisco has one of the hardest schedules in the league. Trey Lance and Jordan Wilmore are superstars now which is promising but the 49ers will most likely regress in terms of wins and will probably stay well below .500. They were able to compete for the division crown last season so maybe there’s optimism but don’t expect it to last long.


Rams 3-13


The story of this division continues: eh team with a schedule most teams would hate to have and do bad with. Michael Penix had an abysmal rookie season but still has abilities so maybe he can turn it around and improve a little. The switch to next gen also gives the Rams a chance to outperform expectations and not finish last in the division again, they have the 49ers number so they just have to pick up a couple other wins and they can get 3rd, maybe 2nd if the Seahawks flop.


Fallen’s Predictions

NFC West – 

Cardinals – 8-8 – Y

Seahawks – 4-12

49ers – 1-15

Rams – 1-15


The NFC West is going to be the worst division in PML in season 5. Goose has proven to be the best coach in the division and he is going to go 6-0. He is going to struggle against non-divisional opponents this season especially with Kyler Murray’s demotion to star dev. It is very difficult to transition from escape artist to nothing, but I think Goose will overcome it. Mali was without his x-factor halfback for half the season last season, but I think he’s going to come out swinging with Rashad Penny. He’s going to rely so much on the ground game and tossing bombs to DK Metcalf that it will result in losses, well except for the 4 division wins that he will get against the Rams and 49ers. Nefarious has been seen publicly disagreeing with the regression formula and that’s going to be on his mind all season long. He is going to split games with the Rams but his focus is on building hall of fame players instead of winning. MikeD broke out of his shell in his pre-season game against Burn, but he publicly admitted to being bad at the game. When all is said and done, this division is gonna be a dumpster fire, but there should be fireworks to follow all season long. 


KMFO’s Predictions

NFC West – 

Cardinals – 6-10 – Y

Seahawks – 3-13

49ers – 3-13

Rams – 2-14


Goose has put in a lot of work on developing his playbook for next gen and he has the talent on offense to execute it, at least against his own division. I think the thing that’ll hurt this entire division is the fact they’re playing the AFC East and the NFC North. That means likely 7 losses for all of these teams from out of division opponents. I Think Goose has a good handle on his division rivals which will allow him to win the NFC West and make the playoffs again. Mali can potentially surprise some people this season if his basketball lineup he has at WR (4 guys over 6’4) can win contested catches consistently. They need to save him from throwing into coverage and a nerfed run game that next gen offers. Unfortunately for Mali, I don’t think the amazing catches in coverage by his receivers will happen often enough to keep him in contention for the division title. If Nef is smart, he will rely heavily on Kittle to carry his offense. TEs are hard to stp on next gen, and Kittle is the best in the game. However, Nef usually likes to challenge himself to be successful and he often allows the defense to dictate his offensive gameplan rather than being in more of an attack mode on offense and forcing the defense to stop the things he does well. If we see another season of force feeding Whilmore, we won’t see many wins. The Rams are getting better and I think in a normal schedule they would get at least 5 wins, but this is a schedule from hell and that’ll really hurt a team like the Rams who have been struggling to find wins for 3 seasons. However, maybe he will surprise some people since he does have Aaron Donald and the best CB duo in the league.

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