Season 5 Predictions – NFC North

KingMike’s Predictions

NFC North

Vikings – Zstar – (12-4)

Z will have another great season. He will also be neck and neck for not only another division championship, but also for the best record in the NFC. It will be a tough road but look for the Vikings to be near the top when its all said and done. 

Lions – Cookieboy – (11-5)

Cookieboy heads into next gen with his team finally turned around. Its no easy task to turn the Lions into contenders, but this final season they will be. Even notching 11 wins seems low, but we will see how Coach Cook fairs on the PS5.

Packers – JC – (9-7)

It was hard figuring out this coach. I still dont know much about his game. He is also in a very tough division. Look for him to be on the outside looking in when it comes to the season 5 playoff race. 

Bears – LQNoble – (4-12)

LQ is going to be a pro baseball player. I’m calling it now… however what he does on the real life diamond means nothing in the PML streets. Expect another tough season from a coach who has a lot of talent when locked in. 

Jcclutch Preditions

NFC North


Lions 12-4


Detroit is coming off of their best regular season this cycle as the quarterback out of Clemson was a problem last year for opposing defenses and now he has superstar abilities. They also had a pretty good offseason getting a bunch of role players and the best punter in the league. The Lions now will have to deal with a first place schedule and the switch to next gen, but after going 6-0 in the division last season, the Lions should repeat as NFC North champs and have a better postseason than their previous one with the gained experience. 


Vikings 11-5


The Vikings had a worse season than they wanted last season and they still made the playoffs and won their wild card matchup but after making it to the super bowl the year before, expectations were sky high. They can get back this year though with Dalvin Cook on offense and the stud linebacker Divine Deablo shutting down zones and gaps on defense. This division will be a battle between the Lions and Minnesota.


Packers 9-7


The Packers had their best season of the cycle last year but that was still only 8-8 and that was definitely a disappointment as they were in playoff position and then squandered their chance down the stretch losing a bunch of winnable games. Bryce Young will try to not turn the ball over so much in his sophomore season and the defense will look to limit such high scoring games but that might be a problem on next gen.


Bears 4-12


The Bears have gotten way worse in the past couple of seasons and with a division record of 0-6 last season and not many offseason improvements, it seems Chicago will once again be relegated to the basement of the division and even the league. Next gen provides an opportunity to turn it around fast and unexpectedly but with such difficult and experienced opponents it doesn’t seem likely at all.


Fallen’s Predictions

NFC North –

Lions – 14-2 – Z

Vikings – 13-3 – X

Packers – 7-9

Bears – 2-14


Cookieboy has developed his Lions team into a contender, very similar to what he was able to do with the Dolphins last cycle. His skills on the field have matched his GM skills. He has the Lions sitting at a 91 overall. It’s going to be difficult for anyone to outmatch his offensive production but if anyone can slow him down, it’ll be his divisional foe Zstar. The Vikings and the Lions have had memorable matchups all cycle long and these two teams know each other very well. The division is going to come down to their two matchups and whichever coach can be creative enough will win the division. These two teams are the top tier talent in the NFC and I predict that whichever team wins the division is going to make it to the Superbowl. Jcclutch inherited a Packers team that was neglected, but he has pulled off some trades that have made his roster formidable. Unfortunately for him, he’s in a tough division, and will already have 4 losses before the season starts. If he can somehow pull the upset off in two of those games, he has the talent to defeat anyone else on his schedule and could steal a playoff spot. LQnoble has really checked out since last cycle. He was a dominant force with the Falcons and his Bears team should really be called the Chicago Cubs. He has an 80 overall team, one of the worst rated rosters against the likes of an 88, 91, and 91 rated roster. He has neglected his team and is worse off for it. 


KMFO’s Predictions

NFC North –

Lions – 14-2 – Z

Vikings – 11-5 – X

Packers – 9-7

Bears – 5-11


Cookie will definitely be one of the best players in the league in next gen. He has 2 unrecoverable WRs, an elite Xfactor QB, and a good football mind that should result in some big time passing numbers. His defense is also extremely talented with many players having 90+ ratings for their position’s important attributes. I’m hoping to see Cookie make a deep playoff run that lands himself in his first super bowl since season 1. Z will always be a playoff caliber coach, but he has a tough schedule this year playing against some of the highest rated defenses in the league reigning from the AFC South. These defenses should be able to slow down the run game of the Vikings and the Vikings passing game has not been explosive in old gen at all. We will have to wait and see if his offensive style can adapt to the new game and the challenges of playing so many high rated defenses that we find in season 5 of PML. 11 wins is still nothing to laugh at, and it’s credit to his user and coaching ability that 11 wins would be considered a down year. The Packers might struggle on defense more than they did in old gen. Some of the schemes that I’ve seen him deploy on defense (granted, i’ve seen a limited number of games) seem to be built around a user being able to take away multiple areas of the field which isn’t possible to do in next gen. However, Jack has proven to be talented in the passing game and has the receivers that should be able to get open consistently this season. This will definitely put the Packers in the playoff race down the stretch of the season. Noble will win more games than he did in season 4 because next gen should be able to highlight his passing game more. However, he has been the worst GM in the entire league this cycle and has his team overall at a measly 81, which is low if it was season 1 and it means he is incredibly overmatched in season 5 against many teams that are rated around 90ovr. 

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