Season 5 Predictions – NFC East

KingMike’s Predictions

NFC East

Cowboys – CEO – (11-5)

The Cowboys will make a big turn around in season 5. CEO will head into next gen with a rookie QB and a ton of confidence. Look for the Cowboys to contend for a division title. If they can get past the Giants, the Boys may be back. 

Eagles – Burn – (8-8) 

Having the highest rated team wont necessarily translate into wins for Burn. Most of his games will be close, so a big play here and there could swing his eventual record drastically. As of now though I dont see the Eagles as much of a threat in the NFC. 

Giants – Que – (13-3)

Que will continue his great cycle on next gen. This is my favorite to win the NFC East. Now that Tbandit is out of the picture Que’s Giants now are the obvious front runners. The Giants will step up to the challenge and play great football in the final season of Madden 22. 

Football Team – vacant

If Tbandit made the jump to next gen them this team would be the top dawg in the east… we will see how the next coach competes with this squad. 


Jcclutch Preditions

NFC East


Football Team 12-4


Although Josh Allen is the clear-cut 1, Washington is lead by Dwyane Haskins who is a very strong #2 in the league and has a great connection with Terry McLaurin. The NFC East is another strong division but Washington seemed to have a strong hold on not only their division, but the whole NFC conference. Next gen is a new ball game and TBandit is having complications getting a PS5 at all so there is reasonable doubt this team will be as good as they have been.


Giants 11-5


The second team in New York dealt with a bunch of injuries last season, most importantly to Saquon Barkley who was the MVP frontrunner when he went down and star tight end Evan Engram which severely hindered Daniel Jones’ ability to lead the Giants to a division title, but they still made the playoffs as they got healthy. Whether it was rust or just a bad day, they lost in the first round and will look to compete and get on top of the NFC. Next gen should give them a boost with Saquon being able to dominate defenses past the line of scrimmage.


Cowboys 7-9


Another team that suffers from a highly competitive division, the success of the Cowboys doesn’t stem from the offense and Dak Prescott, but the well-coached defense. Led by the linebacker tandem of Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander-Esch, this defense shuts down the field and stuffs the run in most games. They struggle against the top teams and aren’t consistent but definitely have the capability to be a sleeper and shock the league on next gen.


Eagles 6-10


Just 2 seasons ago, the Eagles were a top team with a good record in this difficult division. But Carson Wentz fell fast and hard last season leading to a below average record and Wentz himself losing the starting job along with his superstar status. The team is now in the hands of rookie quarterback Caleb Williams who will look to put the Eagles back into contention, although Philadelphia seems to just be cursed at this point with a plethora of preseason problems and injuries. Time will tell if they can put it together on next gen for the last season of this cycle.


Fallen’s Predictions

NFC East –

Giants – 14-2 – Y

Cowboys – 13-3 – X

Eagles – 12-4 – X

Football Team – 0-16


It is up in the air if Tbandit will be joining us on PS5 and if he is, then I foresee him taking over this division. Since it is not confirmed, we are going to forego giving the Football Team a prediction. In his four seasons, he has taken the Football Team to new heights and reinvigorated the football career of Dwayne Haskins. His passing attack is one of the best in PML and would only get better on next-gen, so here’s hoping that he’s able to get a PS5. I foresee the entire NFC East making a turnaround this season. They play the AFC North and the NFC South. All of their non-divisional games are winnable and in season’s past, Que has shown that he has gotten the better hand of his division foes. All four of these teams are rated between 89-90 overall, so their rankings are interchangeable depending on divisional play. CEO hasn’t had the success that he is used to, but he has had Burn’s number in the past and his team is solid enough to defeat everyone except for the New York Giants in the division. Burn is an enigma. He is solid enough to compete with the top tier teams but has been upset by lower tier teams. He plays up or down to his competition and that should help him this season. He has to focus on limiting the drama in the chat and putting that intensity out on the field. I think we will see three playoff teams come from this division and possibly four, if Tbandit is able to compete. 


KMFO’s Predictions

NFC East –

Giants – 13-3 – Y

Football Team – 11-5 – X

Cowboys – 10-6 – X

Eagles – 8-8 


Queso is primed for another big season this year with the Giants and I think he takes that next step by winning the division. He has proved to be a good passer, consistently throwing many more TDs than INTs with Daniel Jones in the old gen madden. Now, the Giants pass game should even be better and the run game can still do a lot of damage with Saqoun Barkley. The only thing holding this team back is an underwhelming defense. I would predict Washington to finish better, but I think it’s safe to bet that Tbandit will miss at least the first few games before landing a PS5 and joining us in season 5. I just hope he gets the system in time to make a playoff push because I expect him to be the best team in the NFC on the next gen console with his elite passing attack. CEO should fare better in the next gen game. Nobody is more prepared for his opponents or creates better gameplans, so I think that will translate into high level defensive performances for the Cowboys. Also, he has some weapons on offense in the receiving core and the run game that should allow him to put up points consistently enough to make the playoffs. The Eagles have struggled mightily in the passing game on the old gen version, and heavily relied on feeding the ball to Sanders in the run game constantly. With most of his top offensive linemen with superstar abilities now retired, I don’t think the run game will be as potent which will result in a lot less points for the Eagles. He still has a top defense though and creates turnovers constantly, which will help him overcome a mediocre offense to still win at least half of his games.

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