Season 5 Predictions – AFC West

KingMike’s Predictions 

AFC West

Chargers – Wimmy – (12-4)

Wimmy will win his division again. Outside of a few hiccups here or there, this should be another smooth sail into the playoffs for one of the better new coaches we have in PML. Like Dlloyd though, he should enjoy his days in the suburbs as the hood life is right around the corner.

Broncos – JP (7-9)

JP does a good job staying in games. I don’t know how his game will translate into next gen, but I do know he knows how to get his TE the ball. That may be something that propels him to more wins in season 5.

Chiefs – Vet – (3-13)

Vet will play a lot of close games. He may even win a few of them. I would not be surprised if his team performs better than we all would think.

Raiders – Cammy – (10-6)

Cammy will be in the playoff mix in season 5. Look for his Raiders to be close to double digit wins. Waller will be one of if not the best TE in the league.


Jcclutch Predictions

AFC West


Chargers 12-4


The Chargers are pretty much a lock to win this division as it isn’t very difficult and they’ve proven they own their divisional rivals over and over again. There could be an upset but Austin Ekeler will have this team rolling to a home playoff game and Derwin James will make sure that nothing is in jeopardy. Los Angeles has the potential to go very far this season if they pull off just one or two upsets.


Broncos 7-9


Denver is coming off of a disappointing season and heading into this last one of the cycle, things don’t look super bright. They have the quarterback in Spencer Rattler and some great receiving options but don’t expect them to put it all the way together. However, if the Broncos squeeze out a couple 50/50 games they could sneak into the wildcard round if the AFC lets them and anything can happen on next gen.


Raiders 6-10


Las Vegas is the team with the most potential to win way more games on next gen than they did on current gen. Newly acquired Jordan Love paired with the second best receiver in the whole league in Stefon Diggs could prove to be trouble for many teams in their path. Still, expectations aren’t high but if you’re looking for sleeper teams, the Raiders should be number 1 on your list to make an unexpected splash.


Chiefs 2-14


How far the mighty have fallen, Patrick Mahomes and the team from Kansas City have been relegated to the bottom of the barrel for the last couple seasons and as disappointing as it is, it isn’t going to change this season even with the move to next gen. Maybe they can win more than 2 games, but even after the great draft they had it’s hard to expect anything positive from the Chiefs on a consistent basis.


Fallen’s Predictions

AFC West –

Chargers – 14-2 – Y

Broncos – 6-10

Raiders – 3-13

Chiefs – 1-15


Wimmy was sensational in his first season in PML. He took over a well built roster and has impressed ever since. He wasn’t really challenged for the division title last season and he won’t be this season either. He has one of the best built rosters in the division (88 overall) but I think his talent level could win in this division even if his team wasn’t already built. His biggest challenge is going to be competing with the top tier teams in the AFC. He has to devise a game plan that sets him apart in those big games. FKNJP (a fellow member whose favourite team is the Broncos in real life) has not quite lived up the expectations of how I built the Broncos last madden. He is easily the second best coach in this division and has pulled off some upsets this cycle, but plays inconsistently to be expected to compete. 4 of his 6 wins are going to come from his divisional opponents and his non-divisional record is what will keep him out of the playoff race. Cammy has done a very nice job at building his team (88 overall) but his lack of talent on the field really shows. He made a very questionable trade with the Buffalo Bills last season and it didn’t work out for him. Nonetheless, he has a few pieces on his team that will net him a few wins, but he’ll still be in the bottom 10 of the league when the dust settles at the end of the season. A huge shout out to VET! He was able to secure a PS5 and will be joining us on next gen, however, I don’t think that he will find success this season either. In fact, his only win will come against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who currently don’t have an owner.


KMFO’s Predictions 

AFC West –

Chargers – 12-4 – Y

Raiders – 8-8

Broncos – 6-10

Chiefs – 2-14


The Chargers are going to do great things this season with Wimmy leading the way in his second year. He has done an excellent job developing the players on the roster and he has the weapons on offense and playmakers on defense to win any game. It’ll be interesting to see how his offense transitions to next gen, as the run game is a little tougher to rely on now. Regardless, I expect him to have 12 or more wins this season. The Raiders are in a tough spot to start the season because Cammy is missing his best player, Stefon Diggs, for the first 4 weeks. Cammy has always had a good passing attack, and with next gen making it more difficult to lurk on defense, I expect him to throw less interceptions and be able to translate that into a playoff push down the last half of the season. The Broncos are another team that might surprise some people because of his ability to pass the ball and the weapons at TE and WR he has. The Broncos can definitely pose a challenge to anyone that doesn’t take JP seriously and underestimates his ability to throw for 300+ yards in any game. The Chiefs will likely struggle to win many games for the 5th straight season, but he is usually competitive within his division and will probably be able to sneak out a close win or 2.

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