Season 5 Predictions – AFC South

KingMike’s Predictions


AFC South

Colts – Greeny – (9-7)

Greeny will drop a couple of games early until his PS5 arrives. Hopefully the new games is not much of an adjustment for him and he is able to string together some wins. The AFC South is a hard division to predict so these totals can go either way.

Jags – Curt – (9-7)

I see Curt competing for a division title. He has one of the most talented teams and has coach skills to take them to the next level. It will be a dog fight in the South though.

Texans – Fallen (8-8)

With a star studded team ready for action, Fallen will still find trouble reaching 10 wins. No fault of the coach, its just that this division is just neck and neck in terms of competition. As I said for the other teams in this division… it can go either way.

Titans – Bubba (8-8)

Just read what I said about any of the other teams in this division. The same goes here for Bubba. We have yet to see how coach’s games translate into next gen. Keep that in mind as well as the win totals begin to pan out.


Jcclutch Predictions

AFC South


Colts 9-7


The most difficult division to predict as all the teams bounce around in terms of head to head matchup wins and record throughout the whole league, the Colts generally wind up a game or two above .500 and with a harder schedule this year than last, 9 wins seems about right. Indianapolis will once again lean heavily on Jonathon Taylor and their speedy defense to get them into the postseason and then anything can happen.


Texans 10-6


After Drew Lock had a pretty good season, the Texans drafted CJ Stroud out of Ohio State and who knows who they’ll start and how it affects the game plan. WIth Javian Hawkins back and healthy and the best tight end in the league with Chase Claypool, Houston can shake things up in this division and have their best season yet on next gen. Only a couple 50/50 games they could come away with will lead them to a first round home playoff game.


Titans 7-9


From the AFC Championship to finishing below .500 and missing the playoffs, the Titans fell off hard last year and will look to make one final push to end the cycle. Joe Burrow, Derrick Henry, Jonnu Smith and their 2 speedy receivers will look to put up big numbers on next gen and are definitely a problem for opposing defenses, but if Tennessee actually win enough games to make the playoffs or win the division is yet to be seen.


Jaguars 6-10


Jacksonville just sadly isn’t a good enough team to compete in a division this competitive. Trevor Lawrence, DJ Chark, and Josh Allen are all amazing but for this team to pull off some big upsets and get to .500 they’d need major contributions from their secondary and their rookie linebacker out of Georgia, he seems like he can cause some problems for opposing quarterbacks like Divine Deablo does for Minnesota. Next gen offers a unique chance for teams like the Jaguars so we will see.


Fallen’s Predictions

AFC South –

Texans – 10-6 – Y

Colts – 8-8 – X

Titans – 8-8

Jags – 4-12


The AFC South is one of the harder divisions to predict. Every team has beaten the other at least once this cycle and it seems like whichever team gets luckier in the amount of injuries against them ends up winning the division. I think the Texan’ss schedule outside of the division is more favourable than everyone else’s, that’s why I gave them the edge. The Texans have built a roster fueled by speed at every level and that’s going to give them an advantage. Papagreeny has stared doubters in the face and laughed at them. He won the division last season but I think he’s going to struggle this season. A huge shoutout for him also securing a PS5 at the last minute, but he’s gonna need some time to adjust to the game and until then, that’s going to hurt him. Bubba has also had an up and down cycle. He had a season where he started off with multiple losses and then recovered just in time to fight for the division. I think that if Derrick Henry still had his old abilities, this Titan team would be the favorites. Curt was expected to take over a well built Jaguars team and find immediate success, but that didn’t happen last season. It’s hard to predict which Curt we will be getting in season 5, but if he is able to pull out the magic that he had last cycle, he can easily turn that 4-12 prediction to 12-4 and run away with the division. I think this division is going to be the closest out of all of the divisions in the AFC. 


KMFO’s Predictions

AFC South –

Titans – 11-5 – Y

Colts – 9-7 – X 

Texans – 8-8

Jags – 7-9


The AFC South has always been a really hard division to predict because theyre all about on the same level of coaching and have done a great job of building their rosters to defend one another. I think theyre all better than my predicted records, but theyll beat eachother up throughout the season. The Titans will win the division because they have been the most proven passing team through the cycle. With Joe Burrow expecting to have some customized abilities soon, I would be surprised if Bubba doesn’t take a hold of this division on the back of his passing game with a solid WR core and a juke box King Henry, and also the hit stick that he has mastered so well. The Colts and Texans are really in the same boat in my opinion. Both teams have had a lot of success behind an explosive running game with OP running backs and really great defense that create turnovers and keeps them in the game to run the ball. However, with next gen providing a much tougher challenge for running teams and also more challenging to play great defense, I think both of these teams might find some early season roadblocks while they get accustomed to the new reality of next gen gameplay and make the necessary offensive adjustments to find success moving the ball. Curt is a guy that might surprise a lot of us in next gen with the Jaguars. He has a great QB in Trevor Lawrence and we know he loves to throw the football. That defense in Jacksonville has a ton of speed on it too, so this might be a great season for Curt to make a run at the playoffs. However, I predict he will fall just a couple games shy in a very tough division.



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