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Playoff Seeding AFC

We have entered into the final stretch run of the PML 2023 season. The postseason is nearly upon us with just 4 games remaining for each club. However there is still much to be decided before the chase for the coveted Lombardi Trophy takes place. 3 division titles are still up for grabs, as well as multiple wild card spots. Which one of the heavyweights in the AFC East the Buffalo Bills or New England Patriots will rise to the top. Will the red hot Pittsburgh Steelers mid season surge be enough to catch the division leading Baltimore Ravens. Who will be the king of the south? Can the Indianapolis Colts hold off the Houston Texans? Only time will tell, but let’s take a look at the remaining schedules for these clubs and make our bold prediction for the AFC bracket.

Current AFC East

AFC East.                             Games Remaining 

Buffalo Bills 10-1.               MIA,IND, @WFT,

                                             @BAL, @NE

New England Pats. 10-2  MIA,LV, @NYJ, @BUF

Miami Dolphins 7-4.         @BUF, NE,DAL,HOU


New York Jets 4-7.           LAC, @KC, @NYG, NE


Prediction AFC East

New England Patriots 14-2

Buffalo Bills 14-2

Miami Dolphins 9-7

New York Jets  6-10

The AFC East features 2 of the top users in the PML in the Bills and Patriots, and what would be more fitting then both of them duking it out in Week 17 for the division crown. The Patriots prevailed in week 1 of the PML season over the defending Super Bowl Champion Bills. We think it happens once again in the season finale as the Patriots are playing with a chip on their shoulder after bowing out early in the 2022 PML post season and we will be crowning a new AFC East Champion.

Current AFC North

AFC North.                       Games Remaining        

Baltimore Ravens 9-2.    JAX, @ARI, @LAC,    

                                           BUF, @PIT

Pittsburgh Steelers 8-4.  CLE, SF, @JAC, BAL

Cincinnati Bengals 4-8.  SF, @KC, @LAR,@CLE

Cleveland Browns 4-8.    @PIT, @IND, SEA, CIN

Prediction AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4

Baltimore Ravens 11-5

Cincinnati Bengals 6-10

Cleveland Browns 5-11

The AFC North looked like it would be a runaway division title once again for the Baltimore Ravens before the mid season resurgence of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Two tough games for the Ravens down the stretch with the AFC West leading Los Angeles Chargers and the defending Super Bowl Champion Buffalo Bills we see as speed bumps along the way. The Steelers have a favorable schedule down the stretch and if they are able to take care of business it will set up for a Week 17 showdown for the AFC North crown between them and the Ravens which we see them coming out on top.

AFC South                         Games Remaining 

Indianapolis Colts 7-5.  @BUF, CLE,@TEN, LAC

Houston Texans 7-5     @TB, JAX, @MIA,@CAR

Tennessee Titans 5-7.  @JAX,@ATL,IND, @NO

Jacksonville Jags 4-7.  @BAL, TEN,@HOU,PIT,


Prediction AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 9-7.      (5-1) Division*

Houston Texans 9-7.         (3-3) Division*

Tennessee Titans 7-9

Jacksonville Jags 6-10

The Running Back university also known as the AFC South once again will be a tight race to the finish line. The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans both split their matchups vs one another this season, so it will come down to the divisional record tie breaker in which the Colts hold the edge which will ultimately have them walking away as the Kings of the South.

AFC West.                            Games Remaining

Los Angeles Chargers 8-3. @NYJ, DET, BAL,


Denver Broncos 4-8.          MIN, @GB, LAC, KC

Las Vegas Raiders 2-10.    GB, @NE, KC, @CHI

Kansas City Chiefs 2-10.  NYJ, CIN, @LV @DEN

Prediction AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers 11-5

Denver Broncos 5-11

Las Vegas Raiders 4-12

Kansas City Chiefs 2-14

The AFC West crown has ultimately been decided as it will take just one more win from the Los Angeles Chargers or a Denver Broncos loss to give them the title. Look for the Chargers to use the final few games vs some quality opponents to be a tune up for a post season run.

AFC Playoff Matchups

New England Patriots  BYE

 2. Pittsburgh Steelers  (12-4)


7. Miami Dolphins (9-7)

3. Los Angeles Chargers (11-5)


6. Baltimore Ravens (11-5)

4. Indianapolis Colts (9-7)


5. Buffalo Bills (14-2)

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