Quarter 3 Recap

Everything is fine…..at least that is what we are hearing coming from the coaching staff of the Philadelphia Eagles. After going 2-6 to start the season, the Eagles have gotten worse as of late. In their last four games they have only won one game, coming out of the last quarter with a record of 3-9. Since taking over as the Eagles head coach, this is the worst season for coach Jack Skellington. One could say that this is the best Eagles team on paper and they are playing worse than ever. In this article we will look at the past 4 games and see exactly how the Eagles found themselves in the position they are currently in. 

The Eagles faced off against the Giants in week 9. A win here would go a long way heading into the bye week. The Eagles went back to basics in this game, with a gameplan of playing good defense and getting the ball in Miles Sanders hands. Sanders ran wild in this game, running for 258 yards and 2 touchdowns on 18 attempts. Wentz made the throws when needed, completing 16 passes for over 150 yards and a touchdown. The defense forced 3 interceptions of Daniel Jones, with the final interception sealing the 32-30 win for the Eagles. After the game, Coach Skellington was feeling good about his team. He could be heard saying, “ this win will be the start of our first winning streak.” 

Coach Skellington’s words put a jynx on the team as they haven’t won a game since he said them. After the bye week, the Eagles felt confident going into their game versus the Miami Dolphins. This game was close all the way throughout with Wentz and the Eagles sticking with a less than normal approach. Sanders was given the ball but only ended the game with 149 yards on 17 attempts. Wentz only completed 11 out of 22 passes in this game. He attempted to do his best to throw the ball downfield but it resulted in 2 interceptions that were key to the loss. The 20-17 loss hurt the Eagle morale as they believed that this was a game they could have come out and won. 

Week 12 brought the Cowboys into town and the Eagles were looking to avenge the blowout loss from earlier this season. This game was a back and forth knockout game until the fourth quarter. The Eagles game plan was another unconventional one as Sanders only had 7 carries in this game. With the Cowboys focusing on Sanders, the Eagles took to the air and had some success. After getting the stop that they needed in the fourth quarter, down seven, disaster struck for the Eagles. Wentz handed the ball off to Sanders, only to have Sanders fumble after taking his first hit stick tackle of the day. Sanders is known for holding on to the ball and for breaking all hit sticks that he comes up against. The fact that he fumbled on a hit stick is like being struck by lighting 20 times in a row. His fumble threw the Eagles for a loop, resulting in declining play from the entire team for the rest of the game resulting  in a 45-24 loss.  

The final division game for the Eagles came against the Football Team. Carson Wentz played his worst game of his career earlier in the season versus the Football Team and swore that he would play better in this game. For all the talking that Wentz did, he played another terrible game. Wentz only completed 7 passes for less than 100 yards. He took no real deep shots except for his interceptions  and looked scared the entire game. Sanders and company ran the ball well but that didn’t make much of a difference in the game. The defense was the main issue as they couldn’t get any real pressure on Haskins. Haskins did a great job of dropping back and to the side to evade the pressure. He consistently  found holes in the defense as most Eagle players seemed to leave their zones and double cover players that they didn’t need to. The result was another loss for the Eagles. 

The Eagles aren’t completely eliminated from the playoffs at this point but would need some serious help in addition to winning all of their games. Their final four games are versus most of the NFC West and the Minnesota Vikings. Coach Skellington and the rest of the coaching staff will be looking for their players to continue to play hard and not give up. If and when the Eagles are eliminated from the playoffs, they will still be looking to play the role of spoilers.