Superstar Status In Jeopardy: Part 2

With the Eagles current record at 2-6 at the mid point this season, we wanted to take a look at each of their superstar players and see if their current stats projected at a full season will be enough to make them keep their superstar status or not.

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Carson Wentz is having his worst season of his career. He should probably be benched at this point, however, Coach Skellington still has in his mind that Wentz will turn things around. Wentz, at this point, is the worst quarterback in the league, leading in interceptions. In order to keep his superstar status he will need to only throw 9 interceptions in 8 games, while throwing for at least 2400 more yards. The reality is that Wentz will most likely end the season as the interceptions leader, losing his superstar status. Vegas odds makers have it as better odds that Wentz gets benched before the end of the season than for him to throw under 9 interceptions for the rest of the season. 

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Miles Sanders should be the life blood of the Eagles offense, however, they have abandoned him this season, leaving his superstar status in jeopardy. At this point in the season, Sanders has only been allowed to run the ball 105 times. He will need at least 100 yards a game in order to keep his status. As long as he will be getting the carries, Sanders should be able to easily get those yards. Coach Skellington has promised that Sanders will be incorporated in the offense for the second half of the season, but like with the game against the Football Team, plans can change.


Coutee has been one of the only  bright spots for the Eagles offense. He only needs 13 more catches in order to keep his superstar status and with his current track record he will get those by week 10. The offense has been abysmal this season. Coutee will need to create more separation on his deep routes in order to spark this offense for the second half of the season. 


The Eagles traded superstar corner Slay in order to pair Fletcher Cox with superstar X factor Cameron Jordan. They did this in order to pair two dominant pass rushers together to form one of the best defensive lines in the game. So far this plan has gone as wrong as it ever could. Both players only have 2 sacks a piece this season. Each player has gotten close to the quarterback but couldn’t finish. The Eagles are very concerned with the possibility of losing both of these players abilities. If both players continue the trend of close but no cigar then they will lose their superstar status. Each player needs 6 more sacks in 8 games, and we predict that only one will get that target. 


Avontee Maddox is the lone superstar corner of the Eagles defense. Maddox hasn’t had quite the season that we were expecting, however, that can be attributed to teams not throwing in his direction. At this point, he only has intercepted the ball twice, and will need 5 more interceptions in order to keep his status. With Slay gone, teams will continue to focus on Jobe instead of Maddox so the Eagles will need to get creative in order for him to achieve his goal. 

At the mid point this season, the Eagles are in jeopardy of losing 5 superstar players this offseason. If we project the current numbers of all 5 players to a full 16 week season then none of them will meet their goal. The Eagles have a lot of work to do in order to keep their abilities. The fact that their record is 2-6 is a key component in the reason why they may lose these abilities. If the Eagles can turn around their season then they will be able to save some of their players. 


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