Quarter 2 Recap

The second quarter has officially come to a close for the Philadelphia Eagles and they will go into their bye week with an abysmal record of 2-6. Officalilly, this record puts them as the 9th ranked worst team in the league. After having back to back 11 win seasons, they are facing the harsh reality that they will not even be going .500 at seasons end. In this article we will take a look at the past 4 games and see just how they ended up in this position. 

Week 5  had the Eagles face off against their toughest opponent so far in the New England Patriots. The Patriots have one of the best defenses in the league and the Eagles knew that their offense would struggle so they leaned on their defense in the game. The defense stepped up when they needed to, forcing two interceptions, including one late in the fourth quarter that set them up to win the game. After forcing the turnover, the Eagles ran twice for no yards and decided to pass on third down, even though they were in field goal range. The Patriots brought the blitz again, sacking Wentz and forcing the Eagles to punt. The Patriots would then drive down the field and kick the game winning field goal. The Eagles safe approach failed them in their time of need, costing them the game. 

Week 6 versus the Washington Football Team saw the Eagles abandon their normal game plan resulting in a 45-0 blowout. The Eagles played so badly they couldn’t even kick a field goal in this game. Carson Wentz became the first quarterback to throw 13 interceptions in a game and most likely will be the only one to do so ever again. Wentz, forced  passes all over the place trying to go deep multiple drives in a row. Most teams are lucky to get 7 possessions in a game, however, the Eagles had over 13 possessions and blew all of them. Wentz officially took over the leader of interceptions thrown on the season and most likely will end the year losing his superstar status and being traded from the team. 

Week 7 saw a different Eagles team that went back to their safe approach against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the disaster that was week 6. The Eagles run to pass ratio was about even and saw Wentz only throw 1 interception. When Wentz isnt turning over the ball, the Eagles will be in most games. The Eagles defense took over this game, forcing Howell to throw 5 interceptions. Coach Skellington didn’t give Wentz the opportunity to lose this game and relied on his defense which resulted in the 19-14 win. 

After getting the close win versus the Buccaneers last week, the Eagles went back to their losing ways versus the Buffalo Bills. The Eagles offense was no match for  Bills pressed defense, and feracious defense line. The superstar offensive line of the Eagles were thrown around like ragdolls most of the game. On one play, guard Brooks didn’t block his man, instead he just backed up without engaging and chose to run behind Wentz like he was a scared little girl. The run game was no match for the inside stuff superstars that the Bills had. Every run went for little to no yards, forcing the Eagles to throw on most plays. Wentz added 3 interceptions this game, bringing his season total to 40. All of this resulted in a 52-17 blowout. Wentz could possibly end up with the record for most interceptions thrown in a game, as well as, most interceptions thrown in a season. 

The past four games looked like a different team was playing in half of them. In the Patriots and Buccaneers games the Eagles were competitive, keeping up with their opponent, even winning one game. In the games versus the Football Team and the Bills, the Eagles looked like a elementary school football team. The Eagles have their bye week next week and will look to change things up for the second half of the season. If they come out and play like the first half of the season again, they will be picking first in the upcoming draft this off season.


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