Season 4 Predictions – NFC South

How Wrong Were We?

KMFO’s Predictions

NFC South


Buccaneers (15-1)

Falcons (11-5)

Panthers (8-8)

Saints (5-11)


The 16-0 Bucs were no fluke. DLoyd isn’t going to be a one hit wonder, he is there to stay at the top of the coaching tier list. Sam Howell is going into his Sophomore season with the same arsenal of weapons at his disposal and an elite defense to back him up. I don’t expect to see a 2nd year slump by Howell either, as he finished last season with the fewest number of interceptions among all 32 starting QBs in season 3. The Falcons put together one of the league’s best defenses in the offseason. Adding Khalil Mack and Chandler Jones to a front 7 that already had 3 linebackers with 91+ speed is so dangerous. All the Falcons need to do is not turn the ball over and they’ll win a lot of games this season. The Panthers are a dangerous team because they have speed all over the field, an elite QB, and a creatively aggressive coach that finds many different ways to attack his opponent on both sides of the ball. It’s about time that Justin Fields breaks out and has the kind of season that he was hyped to have coming out of Ohio State. Even though McCaffery is out of abilities, he shouldn’t have an issue contributing at a high level and there is a stable of RBs in Carolina ready to help carry the load. The Saints were a decent team last year, but the offseason trade that sent their franchise QB Trey Lance away in exchange for an average (at best) QB from the 49ers is a sure sign that this is going to be a down season. The defense is also aging and the Offensive Line is eating up a large part of the salary cap that’s keeping this team from adding a lot of quality players at the skill positions. 


tbandit’s Predictions

NFC South


Bucs: (11-5) y

Saints: (8-8)

Panthers: (5-11)

Falcons: (4-12)

  • The NFC South is an interesting division all the way around. The Bucs dominated last season going 16-0 but was it legit or was his schedule cupcake.. all those questions will be answered very soon. The Bucs/Saints made the playoffs while the Falcons/Panthers struggled mightily. Will the Saints take the crown or will the Bucs keep a stranglehold on the division..tbd. I don’t see much changing here besides the fact that the Saints will miss the playoffs by a game this year but we never know what will unfold. I have the Bucs taking their 3rd crown of the cycle but this year will be much more of a struggle.