Season 4 Predictions – NFC North

How Wrong Were We?

KMFO’s Predictions

NFC North


Vikings (14-2) z

Lions (8-8)

Packers (7-9)

Bears (6-10)


The Vikings play like Tarzan in the regular season, but play like Jane in the Super Bowl. But maybe that’s all going to come to an end this season and they’ll finally win a super bowl and get the monkey off their back (pun intended). The Vikings will continue to be led by a stellar defense with young superstars at all 3 levels of the lineup. However, the offense needs to be able to find a way to consistently move the ball and put up points when they face a defense that can contain Dalvin Cook. This was a weakness of the team that was exposed in the Super Bowl, as the Vikings couldn’t get anything going on offense without their run game. With Thielen and Gronk getting older and out of abilities, it’ll be up to Jefferson and Justyn Ross to step up their game this season and takeover in the passing game. The Lions are still trying to find their way back to glory. They have the QB they finally need to regain their super bowl contender status, but it might have been a couple drafts too late. Already in season 4, the Lions might not get DJ to play at an elite level until next year and by then it could be too late. But who knows, he does have the best WR duo in the league and that can help any rookie develop. We saw it in Sam Howell last season, may we see another Super bowl contending team led by a rookie QB this year?

The Packers could surprise some teams this year. They are well coached now and they have the skill players on offense and defense to compete with anyone. A lot is riding on the development of their rookie QB Bryce Young, but he may surprise some people with his dual threat ability. The defense for the Packers has always been stellar, but only time will tell if Kenny Clark can be replaced in the middle of that defensive line. The Bears were not a great team last year, and they seemingly got worse in the offseason. They don’t have the skill players that a lot of other teams do in the NFC, and they traded away their most dominant defensive player, Khalil Mack. Noble is a solid coach though and his ability to user Roquan Smith at MLB can cause a lot of turnovers, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to win consistently in such a tough division.

Tbandit’s Predictions

NFC North

Vikings: (12-4) z

Lions: (11-5) x

Packers: (9-7) x

Bears: (7-9)

  • Coming into the season we expected big things from this division but have been greatly disappointed. The Bears and Lions have fell off a cliff struggling all season, while the Packers were fighting to be relevant. In season 4 it’ll be a whole new ball game as the Packers got a new coach who will be highly competitive and the Bears/Lions are 2 good coaches with a sour taste in their mouths. I have this division being the best in season 4 and sending 3 with a first time appearance for the new coach up in Green Bay. The Lions have missed the playoffs the past 2 seasons, so I feel they are hungrier than ever and will find a way back in the dance. I have the Vikings prevailing but the Lions will be right on their tail the entire way.