Season 4 Predictions – NFC East

How Wrong Were We?

KMFO’s Predictions

NFC East 


Washington (13-3) y

Giants (10-6)

Eagles (10-6)

Cowboys (8-8)


Washington was one of the top passing teams in the league every season BEFORE Haskins was an X factor with crazy abilities. Now, he should be playing at an all time high and that should result in a lot of wins. I think 13 is on the lower end of wins you can expect from Washington this season. Haskins protected the ball a lot better last season and I expect that trend to continue this year. The defense is still stellar and Scary Terry is scary for a reason. This team can beat anyone in the league. The Giants are stuck in the same place they’ve been for seasons. They have good coaching but don’t have an excellent roster, and it shows when they play the top few teams in the NFC. Is Saquon stays healthy, then this team can do damage in the playoffs, but the Giants have struggled staying healthy at the skill positions for multiple seasons now. The defense is nothing special and doesn’t have an elite pass rusher or an elite player in the secondary. Coaching will only take the Giants so far. The Eagles will always win some games because of Miles Sanders and that offensive line. This is a very tough run game to slow down, and they have the defense to back them up by keeping the score low. The Eagles haven’t been able to turn this recipe of football into a super bowl appearance yet, but 


Tbandit’s Predictions

NFC East


Football Team: (12-4) y

Giants: (10-6) x

Cowboys: (9-7) 

Eagles: (9-7)


  • The NFC East has been a battle all 3 seasons and I expect that to continue heading into season 4. All 4 teams can make the playoffs but it’s always one team that gets beat up on in the division who will be the odd man out. The Cowboys missed the playoffs for the first time this cycle, while the Eagles grabbed their first division crown and the Giants made their first playoff appearance. The NFC East will be playing the AFC East so I expect some great games and another gauntlet of a schedule. The east has been the best division in pml at times and it will continue this year but only 2 teams will qualify for the playoffs. Just like the afc south, the nfc east will beat up on each other all season but only the Football Team/Giants will make the dance. Everybody in the division will be over 500 but 9-7 will not get the job done in season 4 sadly.