Superstar Status In Jeopardy

With the Eagles current record at 1-3  to start the season, we wanted to take a look at each of their superstar players and see if their current stats projected at a full season will be enough to make them keep their superstar status or not. 

NameComp/AttComp %YardsTDsINTsLongRating

Carson Wentz has flat out played bad to start this season. He has failed his team in every way and is currently projected to throw 52 interceptions this season. This will not only cause him to lose his superstar status but could possibly be the reason he is cut from the Eagles at the end of the season. Wentz will need to change the way he plays for the rest of the season, or risk losing everything.

NameAttemptsYardsLongBroken TacklesTDsFumbles

When given a chance Miles Sanders as shined this season. He is one of the best running backs in the league and he is capable of shouldering the load for his team but he has been throw aside except for one game this season. Sanders is projected to keep is superstar status even being used sparingly this season. He will however, look to take over games in the coming weeks.


Keke Coutee is the Eagles only superstar wide receiver is has been their best wide receiver this season. Given the offenses struggles this seasons, he has played well enough to keep his superstar status at this point in the season. Coutee will look to be a more reliable target for Wentz which will hopefully stop some of the turnovers going forward.

F. Cox810000

Fletcher Cox has been the anchor for the Eagles defense for many years, however, he like the rest of the defense has struggled this season. Cox, only has one sack for the season and is projected to lose his superstar status if his play stays the same. Cox is a player that we can see regaining his composure for the rest of the season and should be fine come regression next season.

A. Maddox 301000
D.Slay Jr1501000

Slay and Maddox are the superstar shutdown corners that made the Eagles secondary one the best last season. They both got better this off season and should have been on of the best defenses this season. The season has not played out like that so far and both players have been disappointments for the Eagles. Currently, both of them are projected to lose their superstar status if their play remains the same. With teams not throwing in their direction and the Eagles run defense being so poor, we fear that come regression time both players will become victims.

As of right now, the Eagles have 4/6 superstars that are projected to lose their status. If their play remains the same this will be a guarantee. Coach Skellington will try everything that he can in order to improve the play of his team, however, we fear that all 4 players will lose their status come next season. Only time will tell, but we will do another recap and check their progress every quarter this season/


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