Quarter 1 Recap

In just a short few hours the first quarter of the season will come to a close. The Philadelphia Eagles will finish the first quarter with a sad record of 1-3. In just a short few words, they have played terribly and deserve to be in the spot that they are in. All of the games that they have lost, they have been blown out to the point of fans already talking about boycotting the stadiums if things don’t turn around quickly. 

The first game of the season they faced off against the New York Jets who they were not prepared to play to say the least. After a brief recess in between games, the final game ended up being a blowout to the sum of 42-10 in favor of the Jets. Carson Wentz and the defense played a  big part in the  blowout and looking back at the end of the year, this could be a game that they regret losing when it comes playoff time. 

The Eagles rebounded in their second game of the season versus the Arizona Cardinals. After going down 14-0 in the first quarter. Miles Sanders took over the game and was the reason that the Eagles came back and won 27-21. Carson Wentz continued his interception streak from the first game, which could be a real concern for the Eagles going forward. 

The Eagles summoned their counterparts from week one in week three versus the New York Giants. Starting off the game with an interception is always a positive sign for the defense, however, giving the ball right back on a fumble in the same play is a sign that things most likely won’t fall your way going forward. That one play foreshadowed the rest of the game as the Eagles couldn’t recover after the Giants scored on that drive. The closest they would get would be to go down 14 only to have Wentz ruin  their chances at a comeback with his interceptions. Wentz through 5 in this game, which was the main reason the Eagles lost 49-28. Wentz could be heard after the game  contemplating retirement. 

The second division game in just as many weeks ended up with the same result for the Eagles. In week 4 versus the Cowboys, the Eagles surrendered 21 points in the second quarter which put them in a hole they couldn’t recover from. Wentz with his two first quarter interceptions started digging the hole, only for the rest of the team to cement it with a fumble and field goal block return for a touchdown. The Cowboys would only score a few more times after this resulting in a blowout of 41-7. 

Three blowouts in 4 games is the worst the Eagles have had in recent years. Losing games by a huge margin is always a cause for concern but losing by this much after just winning the division in the previous season has everyone questioning what is wrong. If you look at their statistics you can see that Wentz is the problem. His 10 interceptions have put the Eagles in a bad place early in games. They aren’t able to continue their game plan, which results in their best weapon being taken out of the game. In previous seasons, Wentz has always had interceptions, however, he has also had a defense that would bail him out. This season the Eagles defense is one of the worst defenses in the league. They boast some of the best and highly rated players in the league, however, these players are not playing that way on the field. They aren’t able to stop the running or passing game of their opponents and this combined with the turnovers and the inability to score leads to blowouts. 

Coach Skellington has had a team meeting and addressed his concerns with his team. He has made it known that if the Eagles players  don’t find a way to be competitive then they will be shipped out without prejudice. The Eagles face a test next week in the New England Patriots.


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