Draft Kings coming to PML

PML Fantasy Draft Kings is the newest feature coming to the league that will give everyone a free opportunity to earn weekly content points and big prizes at the end of the season. The Draft Kings setup for PML is presented by Fallen, Papagreeny, and KMFO. We hope everyone enjoys the experience and we will look forward to improving upon the system each season! Here is a sneak peak at how it’ll work:


PML Fantasy Draft Kings

Rules & Regulations

> • 1 Pass/Rush/Rec TD = 6 points
> • 10 Rush/Rec yards = 1 point
> • 25 Pass yards = 1 point
> • 1 receptions = 1 point
> • 1 Int = -2 points
> • 1 fumble = -2 points
> • Lineup = QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE)
> • Budget = $20 each week (average of $3.33 per position)
> • Must have a full lineup, but don’t have to use every $ in the budget.  Excess money not used doesn’t carry over from week to week.

Pricing of Players
> • not every starter in the league is draftable each week
> • The top 20 Fantasy point scorers (points per game) for each position will be priced and eligible for drafting
> • exceptions may be made to include well-known superstars who return from suspension or injury
> • because the position rankings of point scorers will change weekly, the prices will also change weekly
> • prices will be set by midnight on the night before we advance to the next week. If a player that’s in the top 20 hasn’t played his current game, then he will keep the same Fantasy Points per Game number for the following week and it won’t include the current week’s game that hasn’t been played.
> • this will allow us to set the prices in time for people to be able to set lineups for the next week

Weekly Prizes
> • free to play
> • 0.5 content points for submitting a lineup for that week
> • 5 content points for the person with the highest scoring lineup each week (in the scenario of a tie, all leaders tied for first will receive 5 points)


End of Season Rewards
> • Rewards also given to the top 3 highest scorers of the season at the end of the year, this will go to the people who have the highest cumulative lineup scores for week 2-16
> • 1st Place = 20 content points; 2nd Place = 10 content points; 3rd Place = 5 content points
> • the end of season rewards are to incentivize people to participate every week, because it’ll be hard to have the highest season long score without submitting a lineup each week


> • Use the Draft Kings spreadsheet to see all of the prices for every draftable player each week
> • fill out your lineup with your $20 budget
> • submit the lineup in the discord channel for PML Fantasy Draft Kings before 10pm EST on advance day
> • win content points