Philadelphia Eagles Draft Recap

The Eagles had a quiet offseason, signing no free agents as well as making no trades. Before the draft the Eagles had a major trade in the works that ultimately got denied right before the draft. This trade was in the works to become complete by the first week of the season, however, the other team backed out. WIth their trade out of the way, the Eagles switched their draft approach and drafted for the needs they have now and for the future. In this article we will take a look at each of their draft picks and see how they will be focused on this season and beyond. 

Round 1, Pick 22: RT Tyler Vrabel 

The Eagles had two options they were looking at in the first round. These options were either offensive line or defensive line. They were hoping for one of the big 3 ends to fall into their lap, however, they were all taken earlier in the draft. With their first pick, they chose to go with an offensive lineman  and draft Tyler Vrabel out of Boston College. Vrabel immediately gives the Eagles options within their line. They can slide him in at guard and start immediately or they can take the long approach and have him sit behind superstar Lane Johnson. We can see the Eagles having him learn behind their veterans and taking a starting spot next season unless someone gets hurt, in which he will be the one to fill that injury spot. 

Round 2, Pick 22: HB Kenny Mcintosh

With their second pick, the Eagles opted to go with the best player available on their board and draft the electric halfback Mcintosh. This was a shocking pick as the Eagles have two great backs, as well as, their rookie from last season Haskins. They must have seen a star in the making in Mcintosh and hope to have him become a superstar. Mcintosh will be third on the depth chart all season and will most likely be in the game if both Sanders and Mostert are tired or hurt. 

Round 3, Pick 22: LE Will Mcdonald IV 

The third pick of the Eagles draft addresses their defensive line needs. Mcdonald will sit and learn behind Fletcher Cox and company. We can see Mcdonald being put into the starting line up if an injury occurs or a player becomes tired. Mcdonald has the size and speed to do damage on this Eagles line and with time we can see him starting opposite of Barnett. 

Round 4, Pick 22: WR Dominick Blaylock

The Eagles once again went with the best player available in round 4 in the form of a wide receiver. The Eagles boast one of the most highly rated and fastest receiving corps in the league and Blaylock adds to that speed. Blaylock has the size, speed, and abilities to be dominant in the league and the Eagles will look to keep him in their starting rotation throughout the season. If all goes well he will be a superstar by seasons end. 

Round 5, Pick 22: MLB Jack Campbell

Round 6, Pick 22: TE Spencer Webb

Round 7, Pick 22: FS Nicktroy Fortune

With their final picks the Eagles choose to go with the best player available at positions of need for depth. Campbell brings a depth line back for the Eagles to use in the rotation when their players are tired. He isn’t the fastest guy, however, he is a sure tackler who won’t let any ball carrier escape his grasp. 

Spencer Webb fills the third tight end spot for the Eagles. He will only see time if someone gets hurt, however, he will be the Eagles insurance policy next season if Zach Ertz regresses alot or retires. 

The Eagles only have two safeties on their roster. Fortune adds depth to that position. He isn’t the flashest or fastest player but he does excel in zone coverage. For the Eagles, that is exactly what they’re looking for in their safeties. 

In all, the Eagles didn’t have the best draft in the league, however, they were able to draft players in positions of need. With negative cap space this season, this is the best case scenario for them. The Eagles will head into preseason with under 53 players, which means that officially their roster is set. They will play the Browns in their first preseason game, where they will be trying to find that hidden gem on their roster. 


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