Lighting Strikes Twice

After an uneventful preseason, the Eagles came into week 1 as ready as any team could be. They made no offseason trades, did not participate in free agency and only made one signing post draft. They are relying on their already built team and draft in order to get back to the playoffs for the third straight season. After winning the NFC East last season, the Eagles are looking to win it again and advance further in the playoffs. Their first round exit has left a sour taste in their mouth. They were hoping  that week one of the regular season could wash this taste out of their mouth. 

For the first game of the season, the Eagles faced off against the New York Jets. The Jets are coming off of a disappointing season last season and looked to make a statement by beating a playoff team to start the season. The Eagles on the other hand are looking to start the season off strong, in order to get a head start in the NFC East race. 

The Eagles came out strong in this game, driving down the field on their first drive, with Carson Wentz ending the drive with a quick slant  touchdown to wide receiver Reagor. The Jets then went on the move down the field, however, with 2 minutes left in the first quarter, suddenly a lightning bolt hit the middle of the field and abruptly ended the game. The whole stadium was rocked but after a brief recess the game was restarted. 

In this second game, the Eagles and the Jets battled for one and a half quarters. With 6 minutes left in the second half, down 7-10, Carson Wentz hit wide receiver Wallace on a beautiful streak for a 64 yard touchdown. After the made extra point, clouds began to form over the field, and with a thunderous noise lightning struck the in the middle of the field, once again ending the game. Thank God that no players had come out for the kickoff yet, as if they were there, it would have been game over in more ways than one. 

Everyone in the stadium was flabbergasted as this lighting has come out of nowhere, twice in two games. The Eagles players who felt like they had the momentum in both games were pissed and restless as now they would have to start another game. Both coaches decided to restart from scratch, a decision that coach Jack Skellington would soon come to regret. 

After another short recess, the third game  was underway. The Eagles players had no motivation to play this game again and it showed in this final game. Both offense and defense came out flat, letting up big plays in the run game and the pass game. The Eagles boast a number of superstars on both sides of the ball and they played like mere normal players. Examples of this type of play included things like, superstar linebackers and defensive tackles allowing runs of 30 plus yards right up the middle and superstar lineman getting overpowered by players that are nowhere near the same caliber as them. On one play, Eagles tackle Lane Johnson is  so overpowered by a defensive back blitzing from the edge that he doesn’t even block him at all; all he does is back pedal letting the defensive back go right through him. The game would end with a final score of 42-10 in favor of the Jets. 

After the game, Coach Skellington is so sick at how the game unfolded after the two previous games where his players were playing great. When asked about the third and final game his only response was, “ It’s quite convenient that a lighting bolt doesn’t strike the field and end the game when the Jets were up.” Coach Skellington and his Eagles could be heard after the game very frustrated and upset. If something like this were to happen again we bet that the game will be recreated with the exact score and field position instead of multiple restarts. Next week the Eagles face off against the NFC West champion Cardinals where they will look to put an end to the woes of week 1.


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