AFC West Predictions

KMFO’s Predictions

AFC West


Chargers (10-6) y

Broncos (9-7)

Raiders (4-12)

Chiefs (2-14)


This division might be completely wide open. We won’t know anything until we have a new Chargers user, but if it’s anyone above average, then they should be able to ride the talent of this roster into the playoffs. The competition level in this division has been lacking for a few seasons, and I except to see a good user for the Chargers take advantage of that. The Broncos were a surprise team last season finishing 1 game shy of the playoffs. They really came out of nowhere as they didn’t do particularly well in the previous seasons this madden cycle, but with Rattler as the face of the franchise, we’ll see if these Broncos are for real or if last season’s success was a fluke. The Raiders are welcoming the best receiver in the league to their offense in a big blockbuster trade that swapped Ruggs for Stefon Diggs and also brought in a couple of starting defenders from last year’s super bowl champion Buffalo Bills. Carr has not lacked in yards and touchdown passes in recent years, but the Raiders defense has been non-existent in many of their games so the GM is hoping that some of these experienced defenders with a lot of wins under their belts and rings on their fingers will help turn the ship around. The Chiefs were not a dominant football team in PML the past few seasons when they had an X factor Mahomes. Now without abilities, it’s not a very bright future for Kansas City fans. The offense still has blazing speed and prolific weapons, but I don’t see that producing many wins with a watered down QB behind center who is the shell of the once-MVP Patrick Mahomes. 


KingMike’s Predictions

AFC West


Chargers – RIP HypeMike. One of the better PML coaches has checked out for this cycle to take care of some school stuff. Hopefully he’ll be back next cycle. We shall see if his replacement can live up to the hype…

Prediction: 8 – 8



Broncos – JP shocked a lot of people with his season 3 success. Week 17 he even had a great shot at making the playoffs in a final game that went to the last second. The Broncos will be even better this season, but their record might not show it. Theydo play the AFC East and the NFC North…

Prediction: 6 – 10



Chiefs – A bad performance in season 3 costs the Chiefs to lose superstar abilities from Mahomes, Kelce, and Chris Jones. Vet will see a huge difference in his team performance. I’m not sure the Chiefs will be able to bounce back and have a better season 4.

Prediction: 4 – 12



Raiders – Cammy sent Ruggs packing and got a starting corner and a 99 wide receiver in return. Is this enough to capture the juice of that SSXO Cammy we’ve heard so much about? Or is this just another move from someone who may or may not have bumped their head one too many times?

Prediction: 5 – 11


Tbandit’s Predictions


AFC West


Chargers: (12-4) y

Broncos: (6-10)

Raiders : (4-12)

Chiefs: (3-13)

  • The AFC West has been beaten up on by the Chargers all cycle but his departure has given the rest of the division hope. The Broncos showed promise last year but was that a fluke or will they step up now that HypeMike is gone. The Chiefs have been a disappointment with all that talent and the Raiders made the dumbest move of the cycle so i’m out on them winning anything. I have a good idea who the new Chargers user will be so I have faith in the division crown staying in LA. The results will be the same from the 3 previous seasons and the Chargers will represent the AFC West.