AFC South Predictions

KMFO’s Predictions


AFC South


Colts (10-6) y

Texans (10-6) x

Jaguars (8-8)

Titans (6-10)


The Colts shocked everyone last year by upsetting the heavily favored New England Patriots in the wildcard round of the playoffs. They barely squeaked into the playoffs to begin with, but then came with fire on the road to advance to play the Bills, where they valiantly fell to their inevitable doom. However, this is a new season and the Colts are still riding on the back of the league’s best RB in Jonathon Taylor. With some great speed in the secondary and at receiver, the Colts have a real chance at contending if they protect the football. The Texans will look different this season for sure. With Drew Lock leading the charge, look for the Texans to go back to what they did 2 seasons ago and rely heavily on Hawkins at RB. He might be primed for an MVP season because he will have to carry this offense all year long. The defense isn’t special on the defensive line, but the secondary is very stacked and should allow the Texans to stack the box and send blitzes to stuff the run and pressure the QB without risking being burned over top. The Jaguars run an unorthodox offense, something that might give some old football fans a feeling of nostalgia. You’ll constantly see near and far formations like this is Bill Walsh’s west coast offense of the 1980s, but it works because of the speed on this team. The defense is also filled with track stars and their press man technique can cause problems for anybody that’s void of a game breaking wideout. The Titans won’t be the same without Aaron Rodgers rocket arm and lightning release, and Derrick Henry isn’t so feared now that he doesn’t have unstoppable abilities. The Titans took a step back in the regular season last year before making a big run deep into the playoffs led by a flurry of hit sticks on defense. But how many wins in a 16 game season are going to come when your biggest threat is forcing fumbles? 

KingMike’s Predictions

AFC South


Jaguars – Speed, speed, and more speed for them boys down in Florida. Chef had some real-life things pop up that took him out of season 4. Similar to the Pats, Scoop will be quiet but dangerous. He will not come close to the amount of wins the Patriots will rack up, but the Jags are my sleeper team. Look for them to win the AFC South.

Prediction: 10 – 6



Texans – The lose Deshaun Watson in the offseason but still have a 99 OVR running back. This is another fast team that I will be interested to see how their season 4 goes. After losing an X Factor QB its hard to see them having the same success as before. We will see…

Prediction: 9 – 7



Colts – Another dark horse out of the AFC South. The Colts have the players and the coach to defeat any team on any given Sunday. Stopping Jonathan Taylor will go a long way towards any chance of beating this team. I look for the Colts to run all the way back into the postseason and have a shot at another division championship.

Prediction: 10 – 6


Titans – Derrick Henry might of lost his abilities, but he didn’t lose his ratings. We may see an even more monstrous and angry Henry now that coach Bubba is slightly annoyed at him losing his status due to our newly implemented regression system. The Titans also have a new QB, but can Joe Burrow fill the shoes of Aaron Rodgers?

Prediction: 8 – 8


Tbandit’s Predictions

AFC South


Titans: (10-6) y

Texans: (9-7) x

Colts: (8-8)

Jaguars: (6-10)


  • The AFC South is a division I just can’t predict,  as every team is inconsistent but when they are on can be very dangerous. Every team can win the Division I just don’t know who will show up. The Titans started slow at 0-4 but came on strong and ended up being 1 game away from a shot at the lombardi trophy. The Colts made some noise for the first time, while the Texans and Jags missed out on the tournament. I expect these guys to beat up on each other all season so the race will be tight but I have the Titans winning the division for the 3rd time this cycle with the Texans sneaking in grabbing one of the wild card spots.



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