AFC North Predictions

KMFO’s Predictions


AFC North

AFC North


Browns (10-6) Y

Ravens (8-8) 

Steelers (7-9)

Bengals (5-11)


Here comes the Browns!! Baker Mayfield is ready to lead a comeback tour for the city of Cleveland. In a down year for the division that sees the Ravens rebuilding a defense that’s gotten old and the Steelers peddling in mediocrity, this is the Browns chance to quiet the haters and doubters. Chubb isn’t an X factor anymore and Odell has been on the trade block for 2 months, but that won’t stop the Browns from putting together an AFC North title. The Ravens have dominated this division for years but now with the anchor of their defensive line retired, they need to find a new defensive identity. The Ravens are also coming off back to back one and done playoff appearances, which has to have taken the wind out of the sails for this franchise a bit. Can Lamar win a game when it really counts? The Steelers made some blockbuster moves to acquire a non-X Factor Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans this offseason, but this defense is still too porous for them to really contend. They opted to trade away their best young defenders instead of attempting to pay them, and now the steel curtain has fallen. The Bengals are once again rebuilding the identity of their franchise after shipping Joe Burrow to Tennessee. This is expected to be another down year for Bengals fans everywhere 

KingMike’s Predictions

AFC North


Steelers – Coming off a tough season 3 this team comes in pretty much brand new. Dramaman continues to destroy and rebuild this historic franchise. Deshaun Watson, minus his abilities, is not the QB. I’m not sure he will move the needle that much. Look for the Steelers to continue to play .500 type ball and be on the fringe of a playoff spot.

Prediction: 6 – 10



Bengals – Arod is a competitor and after losing $100 on a bet to make the playoffs his team now heads into season 4 with a clean slate and no money on the line. This team has 2 starting QBs and a rookie with a lot of talent (Mac Jones) on the bench. This team has a lot of depth. The main question will be deciding what the best model of success will be? Bengals are a boom or bust team and I have them booming this season.

Prediction: 9 – 7



Browns – This team is built to win. However, they have not done so at a consistent clip this cycle. HD tried to move his QB in a blockbuster trade that fell through. This will end up being a blessing in disguise as the Browns finally right the ship in season 4.

Prediction: 9 – 7



Ravens – Bacon just needs to win a playoff game. This is easily one of the best teams in Madden and Bacon has been able to showcase their talent in the regular season. It’s the playoffs where the issues start to show up. I think Bacon cruises through the season with his eyes only on one thing… a playoff victory and eventual run at a Super Bowl appearance.

Prediction: 11 – 5



Tbandit’s Predictions


AFC North


Ravens: (11-5) y

Steelers: (8-8)

Bengals: (5-11)

Browns: (5-11)


  • The AFC North has been a one-sided division for the first 3 seasons of pml and this is not what we expected coming into the cycle. The Ravens have completely dominated besides season 1 and I expect the same results in season 4. The Steelers talk the most shit in the entire league but will they ever back it up.. That’s TBD. The Browns and Bengals will struggle, while the Steelers will have a better showing but 8-8 will not be enough for a playoff berth. The Ravens will run away with the division at 11-5 but can they finally turn their regular season success into playoff success?? We shall see





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