AFC East Predictions

KMFO’s Predictions

AFC East


Bills: (15-1) z

Patriots (13-3) x

Dolphins (11-5) x

Jets (6-10) 

The Bills are coming off of back to back super bowl victories and an AFC East title last season. They also seemingly got better this offseason, adding Henry Ruggs to the arsenal of weapons Josh Allen has at his disposal and drafting a RB in the first round that looks to add balance to this offensive attack. The defense is still stellar and will anchor this team’s bid for a 3-peat. The Patriots are one of the best coached teams in the league and they always find a way to win. Lindsay is still running strong, and we expect to see a great season from Franks in his 2nd full year as the starter. His young receiving core is also continuing to progress with Nixon and Newsome developing nicely. The Dolphins were a surprise team down the stretch of the season last year, turning around their 0-4 start to the season and finishing with the 7th seed in the playoffs. They were embarrassingly shut out by the eventual Super Bowl Champions, but they still managed to get hot down the stretch of the regular season and will look to continue that momentum this season. The Jets are coached well enough to be a playoff team, but that roster still isn’t up to par with the rest of the top AFC teams yet. It’ll be another year before this roster has a chance of earning the Jets a playoff bid, especially in a division as competitive as the AFC East.


KingMike’s Predictions


Dolphins – After starting season 3 off 0 – 4 the Dolphins were able to bounce back and win 9 of their last 12 games. They were then demolished by their division mate and eventual Super Bowl champs. Look for the Dolphins to have a more consistent season and reach double digit wins, along with another playoff berth.

Prediction: 10 – 6


Patriots – Nat has been quiet after some league regressions were made. Probably leaning on being busy will be the reason of his silence. His team will still preform, or possibility bow out of the cycle all together to prove some sort of point. Who knows? But if you see the Pats on your schedule beware…

Prediction: 14 – 2


Jets – Never cross this team off your schedule as an easy win. They might not have the talent still, but their coach is known to fight till the last second. This team will get some more upsets, but still not enough to get into the post season.

Prediction: 6 – 10


Bills – Easily the best player with the best team in PML. KMFO will continue to ride high as he leans on the league. He has some new toys to utilize so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. Look for the Bills to not stress a division championship and only have their eyes on a 3 peat. Something only The Natural has been able to do way back when PML first started on Madden 19.

Prediction: 14 – 2



Tbandit’s Predictions


AFC East


Bills: (14-2) z

Patriots: (13-3) x

Dolphins: (9-7) x

Jets: (5-11)


The Afc East might be the most interesting division in pml season 4 for a lot of different reasons. There’s some type of beef with the Pats and Bills, who are 2 heavyweights in pml that have to play 2-3 times a cycle. The Pats havent spoken since week 17 of last year… is he in the lab or is he throwing a fit for not getting his way? This division is very talented overall but we all know it’ll be the Bills or Pats every year. The AFC East plays the NFC East this season so expect some good matchups from those 2 divisions. I have the Bills winning the division in a close one and I also have them sending 3 with the Dolphins sneaking their way in with a late season push. This division has 4 quality coaches so you never know what will unfold in season 4 of PML.