Packers Season Predictions

The Green Bay Packers went 4-0 in the preseason and will look to come from the bottom of the barrel of the league to win enough games to make the playoffs, whether it be through a wildcard or being able to win the division although that is unlikely. The leaders of this team on offense are the rookie quarterback Bryce Young, the star running back Aaron Jones, the elite wide receiver Davante Adams, and the anchor of the offensive line David Bakhtiari. The defense is led by the Smith Bros, Preston and Za’Darius, the ball-hawking safety duo of Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage, and the lockdown cornerback Jaire Alexander. There are high expectations for the Packers, but also a good chance they don’t come close to living up to them as the whole NFC North looks strong and improved over the offseason.

Week 1 (already happened): L @ Saints: 33-13

So many turnovers and bad plays when they needed good ones. The team needs to build better chemistry and stay focused instead of faltering and making it harder for themselves like they did. The offense needs to capitalize in the RedZone. A few big misses caused by Bryce Young, their receiving core, and the defensive line’s inability to get any pressure was their demise after feeling so good rolling into New Orleans.

Week 2: L vs Buccaneers: 31-20

They need way more experience before they even think of beating this incredibly talented Tampa Bay team. Bryce Young needs to get under control and the defense needs to take advantage when they can. An 11 point difference is honestly generous.

Week 3: L vs Lions: 30-17

They may have beaten Detroit in the preseason, but the Lions have such better starters. The Packers can use this as a learning experience for their future matchup. DJ Ugalelei gets the upper hand on Bryce Young in their first matchup in the regular season.

Week 4: W vs Chiefs: 27-21

Two teams looking to do a lot better than last season, Green Bay needs to get their first win here before their bye week or it won’t be the season they thought it could. The Packers’ offensive line and defensive line will need to perform to win this game.

Week 5: BYE WEEK

Week 6: W vs Bears: 38-27

Chicago is expected to have a bounceback year, but the Packers know them well and will look to build on their poor record and start getting in a better position. This game can prove to the league that Green Bay can be legit and be great sooner than expected.

Week 7: L vs Vikings: 24-20

As the Packers pick up steam they’ll hit a road bump, but also another opportunity to learn and grow. If the game ends as close as this prediction Green Bay should feel good with the result. The Packers can establish themselves as a threat if they pull off the upset, though.

Week 8: W @ Falcons: 28-17

Green Bay can continue their improving season and march into Atlanta to pull off the win. If the team can get this done, Bryce Young will need to perform like he is expected to. The defense also needs to turn a corner and be everything they can.

Week 9: L @ Bears: 30-20

The Packers end the first half of the season 3-5, not great but with some easier games down the stretch they can have hope to turn it around and make the playoffs. This is also a game that they can flip their way if they perform well.

Week 10: W vs Cowboys: 41-38

The highest predicted scoring game for the Packers as neither defense looks in shape to control the playstyle of the other offense. Cairo Santos has been perfect for Green Bay throughout the preseason and week 1 though, so they edge out a win.

Week 11: W @ Chargers: 37-24

The Chargers are currently coach-less so even though they were perfect last season, they can’t be considered a threat just yet. Unless someone really good is brought in, expect the Packers to keep rolling. They put themselves in a position to get a winning record for the first time all season.

Week 12: W vs Panthers: 26-24

These teams match up very closely and it will most likely be a close game either way it goes. This is a must-win for the Packers if they want to sneak into the post-season. This is when the team chemistry should finally be perfect and the gameplan will be solidified.

Week 13: L @ Vikings: 34-24

The Vikings just seem too hot and have too many advantages against Green Bay. Their win streak ends but they are still in a position to strike. The Packers will sit at 6-6 after this game and look to overcome the adversity they’ll face.

Week 14: W @ Raiders: 38-14

The Packers won 65-0 in the preseason and were pretty dominant in every aspect of the game with any group of players in the game. This will energize the team, but maybe too much for a team as inexperienced as Green Bay’s group is.

Week 15: L vs Broncos: 30-24

Green Bay will lose this game after looking so good just one week prior because the team is too young and they won’t be prepared for a tough game after one they were able to ease through.

Week 16: W @ Lions: 34-27

The Packers will bounce back yet again and pick up a strong division win as all of the rookies should have improved. This is the game that puts them either in the playoffs or in striking distance if things can go their way.

Week 17: W @ Rams: 38-28

The Packers’ second trip to Los Angeles should be another win. They won a nailbiter last year but Bryce Young will try and prove he’s better than Michael Penix Jr just one week after beating DJ Uiagalelei. This is the game that can secure a wild card spot for Green Bay if they’re lucky.

Overall Record: 9-7: If the Packers can finish with this record, the fanbase should be happy. Not only is it a winning record for the first time in years, and it also puts them right on the line to make the playoffs and if they can be better than the 2-4 predicted record inside the NFC North and take another one or two winnable games, they may just take the division if things fall into place. It would be a huge step in the right direction and set Green Bay up nicely to make a deep playoff run the next year as they continue to build. Hopefully, the Packers’ rookies can step up as well and make their roster more stable than previous years. At the end of the day, these are just predictions. Only time will tell if Green Bay can do anything at all or if they will fizzle out and return back to the drawing board yet again.