The Houston Texans Pre-Season Review

The Houston Texans led by Drew Lock faced off against the Atlanta Falcons in pre-season week 1. Coach Bull stated that he was going to give the majority of the snaps at quarterback to Drew to help ease him into the offense. It is expected that Drew Lock is going to be the starter throughout the pre-season. Coach Bull was more concerned with his new quarterback learning the offense than protecting him from any potential injury. The Texans starting offense proved to be too much for the Falcons and it led to a 49-21 Texans victory. Drew Lock completed 73% of his passes, through for 182 yards, 4 touchdowns, and had 1 interception. His favourite target in this game was rookie wide receiver Rakim Jarrett, who had 5 catches for 102 yards and 1 touchdown. The biggest takeaway from this game was the Houston Texan defense that forced 7 interceptions. The defense was led by first round rookie draft pick Maurice Hampton. The physically imposing safety intercepted the Falcon’s quarterbacks 4 times, had 5 tackes, 2 touchdowns, and 1 fumble recovery. The Texans couldn’t be happier with their first round selection. They will take advantage of his speed, tackling ability, and hit power by using him in the strong safety, sub linebacker, and corner back positions. The rookie’s position on the field will depend on matchup and down distance. The Texans were able to take the momentum of this win and compound it when they faced off against the New Orleans Saints in week 2.

The Houston Texans were able to rack up back to back wins as they defeated the Saints 49-37, but it came at the cost of their rookie linemen. Drew Lock was impressive in his second start as a Texan but he was very risky in his decision making and it showed as he was intercepted five times. The upper management of the Texans are not happy about the results, but the play calling was different in this game because they didn’t want to give away too much since they will see the Saints against this season. Former MVP halfback Javian Hawkins was able to take his first and only carry for a 68 yard touchdown. The Texans are expected to lean heavily on Hawkins this season, especially after sending him to camp this summary for his custom abilities. Rookie wide receiver Rakim Jarrett led the offense again with 6 catches for 159 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Texan’s defense had five interceptions in this game and strong safety Maurice Hampton added two more to his already impressive resume as a pro. Most of the starters are expected to play in week three against the New England Patriots, but Coach Bull may rethink that strategy after the injury to defensive end Justin Eboigbe that will have him miss the week one game against the Steelers.

The Texan starters were able to keep the game close, but ultimately another five interception performance by Drew Lock led to a 34-17 victory for the New England Patriots. The Texans are not happy with the back to back performance by Drew, but they also haven’t helped him in the ground game. The Texans are averaging under 50 yards a game on the ground so far this pre-season and those abysmal statistics are a new quarterback’s nightmare. Outside linebacker Jacob Martin has shined this pre-season for the Texans, he has sacked the quarterback in every game so far and his two sacks this game were no different. The Texans play the Chicago Bears in the last game of the pre-season and we will see if Drew Lock continues to be the starter for the remainder of the game. It’s difficult to think that coach Bull will risk further injury, but Lock’s confidence has to be at an all time low after back to back horrid performances.

The Houston Texans were defeated by the Chicago Bears after Kaimi Fairburn missed a 52 yard field goal that would have won them the game. The Bears iced him at the last minute and it caused him to push to kick wide to the right. Drew Lock threw for 417 yards but he had his worst performance in his career throwing 8 interceptions… that’s right, 8. The Pittsburgh Steelers do not have the feared defense that they once had, but if Drew Lock doesn’t protect the ball, the Texans won’t stand a chance in week one. Coach Bull commented that Lock’s interceptions weren’t a cause for concern since a lot of them were tested throws where the Coach wanted to see how quickly he could fit the ball in. Lock’s accuracy wasn’t in question, but his throw power was. The Texans were able to send him to PML training QB Skills camp and it improved his throw power by 2 points. The Texans had a successful draft and an average pre-season, but no one competed harder than rookie free safety Maurice Hampton. He finished the pre-season with 20 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 3 deflections, 7 interceptions, and 2 touchdowns. The Texans are hoping that he will be the leader for their defense one day.


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