A Season in Review; The Texan’s New Team Captain

The Houston Texans started the season out at 3-6 before heading into the week eleven bye week. The gamplanning was crucial for Coach Bull, but he chose to emphasize rest so that his players were rested for the Colts the following week. The emphasis on rest over preparation helped lead the team to a 31-17 win over the Colts. The win helped build morale in the building and among the players. The Texans were able to take that momentum and get a huge 48-34 victory in Dallas. Javian Hawkins took the game over and led his team with 232 rushing yards on 18 carries and he had one rushing touchdown. He also led the team in catches with 5 for 35 yards. The Texans are at their best when they can keep their opponent on their toes and with so many offensive weapons at their disposal, it only seems fitting that Coach Bull would stick with the hot hand at all times. 

The Texans would go 3-3 after this victory defeating the Cowboys, Jaguars, and Raiders but losing to the Titans, Chargers, and the Titans again in week 17. The final loss of the season came as a huge blow because a win could have sent the Texans to the playoffs. Deshaun Watson was very gutsy with his passes in that game and it will cost him his abilities. There are three Houston Texans that will be losing their abilities; Deshaun Watson, Keion Crossen, and J.J Watt. The Houston Texans had an awful season, but they are excited about their team’s potential despite some players losing their abilities. We will be recapping the highlights for some of the best players in season 3 for the Houston Texans. 

The Texans had one of the best offenses in the league but the lack of balance led to a pass heavy approach and despite the efficiency in yards per game, they were one of the league’s worst at protecting the football. Their offense was 3rd in total yards and passing yards. They ranked 23rd in total rushing yards and 9th overall in points scored per game. On the opposite side of the ball, they were a bottom defense all season long. They ranked 29th in total yards, 27th against the pass, 25th against the rush, and 25th in total points given up. Deshaun Watson led the helm on offense with a 69.9% completion rate, 43 touchdowns, 40 interceptions, and he threw for 5,017 yards. His longest pass was for 78 yards and he finished the season with a 98.4 QBR. The Texans offense has playmakers at all levels on offense but a position of need for them is tight end. They haven’t had consistent play at the position this cycle. They picked up Jordan Reed in free agency last off-season but his lack of explosiveness doesn’t really scream playmaker. He caught 46 balls this season and was the fourth best out of everyone on the team. He only caught one touchdown and had 500 receiving yards, so it is expected that they will target one of the projected first round tight ends in the upcoming draft. The Texans had two 1000 yard wide receivers this year in Brandon Cooks and Will Fuller. 

Brandon Cooks led the team with 86 receptions for 1664 yards, and 17 touchdowns. Fuller was just behind Cooks and caught 68 receptions for 1400 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Both of the Texans wide receivers made the pro bowl. Former MVP Javian Hawkins took a backseat to the pass game this season but he had 61 receptions for 500 yards. He also rushed for 1000 yards before getting injured in week 16. The Texans missed him immensely in their final game this season. The owner of the Texans assured their fans that Javian Hawkins will be the star of the offense this season. They hired a personal trainer for Hawkins to help him enhance his skills against defenders that plan to hit stick him and to work on his ability to change direction on a dime. Javian Hawkins has also been named the team’s newest captain.

The Texans are heading into free agency with roughly $1.2M to spend. They will not be able to bid on any of the high profile names, but it has been rumoured that Deshaun Watson could be traded this off-season. Deshaun Watson’s contract has put the Texans in a bind this season. He is making over $40M and they would save over $30M if they traded him. The team’s owner isn’t going to make any haste decisions on Watson, but he is going to first and foremost look at the overall benefit to the team.


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