Wildcard: Wentz Strikes Again

For the third time this season two NFC East teams will face off against one another. This week the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Washington Football Team. Both of these teams are very familiar with one another. In week 12,  the Eagles were able to force 4 interceptions of Haskins and came out with the 24-14 victory. On the flip side, in week 15 the Football Team were able to intercept Carson Wentz 4 times in the first half which resulted in him getting benched for the rest of the game. Jalen Hurts performed just as well as Wentz and the Football Team won big with a score of 44-10. With both teams 1-1 versus each other, each one will be ready to claim the victory in this game. 

The game plan for the Eagles was simple, run the ball, limit turnovers and force Haskins to throw the ball to anyone other than his superstar wide receiver McLaurin. This game plan worked well for a little bit as the game was back and forth until a controversial  call changed the face of the game. Down 14-10, on 4th and 1 in field goal range the Eagles coaching staff decided to go for it resulting in a botched play call that went for negative yardage. Coach Skellington knew that the Football Team defense would expect a run so he sent in the perfect play action play call. Carson Wentz didn’t receive the call in time so he ran a run play that was stuffed in the back field. With all of the Football Team defense coming for Sanders, the play action play would have been wide open. This series of events resulted in the Football Team scoring on the next possession and the Eagles were never able to recover. The Eagles would stop the Football team a few more times and get into field goal range but each and every time they did, Carson Wentz made an errant pass that resulted in an interception. With 2 minutes to go down, 21-10 Haskins gave a gift interception to the Eagles, however once again Wentz couldn’t capitalize and threw another pick to end the game. The game would end with a final score of 21-10. 

After the game the Eagles were all disappointed in their performance as a whole. Why can’t Wentz see the field better? Why does Wentz throw so many off target passes? Why was Sanders not given the ball? These were some of the questions asked after the game and these seem to always be a theme whenever the Eagles lose. You would think that they would finally learn from losing the same way. Coach Skellington said after the game that they would have a lot of decisions to make in the offseason including trading some superstar players. The indication was that he was talking about Wentz. 

Wentz and the offense was pitiful this game. Wentz threw 29 passes, only completing 14 of them for 226 yards and 3 interceptions. Wentz can be so good at times but often he seems to hinder the Eagles offense then help it. Miles Sanders only had 14 carries in this game and to be put bluntly he needs more. We can see that Sanders is the lifeblood of this offense and when the game plan deviates from him the Eagles lose.

The Eagles defense actually played very well. Holding a high flying offense like the Football Team has to only 21 points is a very good feat. They just had no help from their offense. Slay, Moses, and Wallace all intercepted passes from Haskins which gave the Eagles opportunities to come back in the game, however, this was all for naught. 

This loss sends the Eagles packing and puts a sour taste in their mouth after winning the division. Some fans are mad saying, “ What’s the point in winning the division if you’re going to lose in the first round.”  They all have a point, as now the Eagles will be watching the rest of the playoffs and have a lot to think about this offseason.


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