This is the second part in the second annual  mini series in which  we take a look at and  break down the Philadelphia Eagles roster position by position. We will take a look at each position’s statistics for the 2022 season as well as go over the performance of the players in each position.


The Eagles have a large cast of speedy and quick wide receivers. Before the season started, none of the receivers had separated themselves from the rest. They had no superstars in their receiving core, however, that all changed mid season this season. Keke Coutee emerged as the best wide receiver that the Eagle have on their team. He was the only receiver on the team to eclipse over 1000 yards, and he was first in the team in touchdowns. For his good performances over the course of the season he was granted superstar abilities which only have helped him increase his game. Coutee is expected to continue as the number one receiver on the team, as he works to take his game to the next level and become a superstar x-factor. He will need to work on his drops if he wants to become an elite wide receiver in the league. 

Jalen Reagor was second in the team in receiving yards, and 4th in receptions. Reagor is just as fast as everyone else  but he wasn’t able to frequently get as open as the other players on the team. Reagor did come on strong  at the end of the season, and he will take that progress to try to develop into a superstar player. He will continue to be the second receiver on the team unless in the offseason he is able to develop his route running enough to overtake Coutee. 

When Wallace was brought in as a rookie, he was done so with the notion and perception that he could lead the team one day. Wallace is the fast receiver the Eagles have and they were hoping that he would have turned into a superstar by now. He has been thrown to the slot receiver on the team, finishing 5th in receptions, 2nd in touchdowns, however, 1st in drops. Wallace will need to work on his catching if he wants to become part of the everydown offense. The Eagles coaching staff believe that he can turn the corner this upcoming season and will give him every chance to do so. 

Zach Ertz has been a staple player for the Eagles for a long time, however, he has taken a back seat the past two seasons. This season Ertz was determined to make himself a part of this offense. He was able to use his abilities to create separation, and make the tough catches that need to be made. He was given a goal of 7 touchdowns this season, which he eclipsed. If he did not complete this goal he would have lost his superstar abilities. For an older player like Ertz his abilities matter to him greatly and are a big part of his game. He will turn 32 years old this upcoming season, but he is still looking to be a big part of this offense. He may regress some this offseason, however, as long as he doesnt lose any speed we can see the Eagles keeping him as their starting tight end. 

Dallas Goedert is a good player stuck on a team that has a great player in front of him. Goedert has been playing the fullback and second tight end slot. He is a good blocking tight end but he is looking to start for the Eagles. He was heard earlier in the season wanting a trade to a team that would start him. He may get his wish this offseason if Ertz does not regress. If Ertz does regress then the Eagles will flip the two tight ends and Goedert will get his shot at becoming the guy in Philadelphia.


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