This is the second annual  mini series in which  we take a look at and  break down the Philadelphia Eagles roster position by position. We will take a look at each position’s statistics for the 2022 season as well as go over the performance of the players in each position. 

Eagles 2022 Position Breakdown : Quarterback

NameComp/AttComp %YardsTDsINTsLongRating
NameComp/AttComp %YardsTDsINTsLongRating

Carson Wentz, the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles had a Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde type of season. Wentz had some highs, however, he had mostly lows throughout the season. He finished in the bottom 15 for completions, completion percentage,  and touchdowns thrown. He was top in the league in interceptions thrown, passing yardage, and passing attempts. He had multiple three or more interception games. He was in danger of losing his abilities in week 17, however, he was able to get just enough in that game to keep them. 

In short Wentz was not a reliable leader for the Eagles. He was leaned on throughout the season given his attempts, and he failed to live up to his status. He was benched multiple times throughout the season due to his performance and if not for his very large contract would have been traded already. Wentz will still be the starting Quarterback of the Eagles in the 2023 season, however, with his contract ending soon, he could be on his way out with another performance like this season. 

Jalen Hurts started one game, as well as coming in relief of Wentz in another game. Hurts played okay in each game but showed that he lacks the arm strength to be a true number one quarterback. In the game that he came in for Wentz, he was able to sustain a few drives but showed the lack of arm strength and inaccuracies that have plagued him throughout his career. The Eagles saw enough of him to determine that he will continue to just be a backup for them. 

Eagles 2022 Position Breakdown : Running Back 


Miles Sanders was in the running for the MVP last season. He ended the year with NFC Offensive Player of The Year. This season he had a great season, however, he was nowhere near his season last year. Sanders ended up in the top 8 for rushing yards, touchdowns. He was in the top 2 for fumbles and broken tackles. He also played a major part in the passing game, catching 72 passes for 712 yards and 2 touchdowns. He only dropped 2 passes in those 72 catches which shows how reliable he is.  Sanders had games where he wasn’t given the ball, which is the reason why his numbers don’t reflect those of last season. Sanders is the leader of this team and one of the best players in the league. Sanders considers himself to be a top 5 player in the league and will demand to be treated like so. We see the Eagles creating a game plan next season that will ramp up his carries, allowing him to once again reign supreme at the top of the league. 

Mostert was the Eagles big ticket free agent last offseason. He was brought in to share carries with Sanders, however, that didn’t go as planned. Mostert only received 53 carries in 15 games which doesn’t really reflect how good of a player he is. He is a speedy back who can accelerate through lanes lighting fast. Mostert will unfortunately  lose his abilities but is determined to regain them next season. We can see the Eagles leaning on Mostert in certain situations, attempting to allow him to get a development story in order to regain his abilities. 

Huntley and Haskins were the backups on the roster. Huntley was sparingly used and is on a contract year. With Sanders and Mostert in front of him on the depth chart, the Eagles will most likely release him this offseason. Haskins on the other hand is the Eagles rookie who they took a shot on hoping he would be a superstar. When he was only determined to be a star, he was put in the bottom of the depth chart and left there. The Eagles will most likely keep him there unless all other running backs get hurt.


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