Week 17: Wentz Saves The Day

Development regression has been the talk of the league all season. It all comes down to this final week for the Philadelphia Eagles. They have multiple players right now who are on the verge of having their development traits dropped and losing their abilities. These play are quarterback Carson Wentz, running back Mostert, and corner Slay. Wentz will need to throw for 314 yards with less than 4 interceptions in order to keep his superstar abilities. Slay will need to intercept or deflect 5 passes. Runningback Mostert is the only one who can’t make his goal in this game as he needs over 1000 yards. 

The Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings in week 17 with the NFC East Crown on the line. If they win the game they will be crowned the NFC Champs with a record of 11-5. If they lose then they will most likely become the 5th seed in the playoffs with the New York Giants winning the division. 

The Eagles came into this game looking to win, however, also looking to keep the abilities of their players. Carson Wentz had one plan, to pass the ball. He came out on fire in this game, as he was able to complete his goal in three quarters. Slay on the other handed needed all 4 quarters in order to complete his goal. 

Wentz came out throwing the ball with pin point accuracy. He was able to find the open guy on all but 4 of his throws which let the Eagles get out to a 13 point lead early. His missed throws were interceptions which let the Vikings stay in the game. The Vikings were resting their starters but were able to score a few touchdowns to make the game interesting. After three quarters, Wentz and Sanders came out of the game and Jalen Hurts led the team to victory. 

Carson Wentz had his most accurate game of the season, completing 20 of 24 passes for 330 yards, one touchdown and an interception.  Most of Wentz’s interceptions were because he tried to fit throws into tight spots and they were deflected. If you take away the interceptions, this is the Wentz that the Eagles paid for when they gave him that big contract extension. The running backs as a committee didn’t have much success as  none of them eclipsed over 50 yards. While Keke Coutee has been the star of the Eagles receiving core, Jalen Reagor showed that he is no slouch either. He led the team in catches, touchdowns, and yards in this game. He is looking to add superstar abilities to his repetitor as well. 

The Eagles defense played well for the most part against the Viking backups. They intercepted Fromm 4 times but let him throw for over 300 yards and a touchdown. His touchdown came on a man to man play where corner Jobe just suddenly stopped running and let his man catch the ball and run for a touchdown. Jobe made up for this at the end of the game by snagging an interception out of the back of the endzone. Slay finally had the game that the Eagles have been waiting for as he deflected 3 passes and  intercepted Fromm twice, while taking one for a touchdown. The other interception came from linebacker Taylor who made a great play stepping in front of the man he was covering and taking the ball from him. 

Playing for the win, while trying to complete goals is never an easy task even against backups. The Eagles were able to accomplish both of these tasks, cementing themselves as the official winners of the NFC East. They will take their 11-5 record which is good for the number 3rd seed in the playoffs and face off against a familiar opponent in the Washington Football Team. Facing a team three times in one season is always tough, but the Eagles will bring all that they have in order to advance in the PML playoffs. 


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