Week 16: Playoffs Clinched!

At 9-5,  the Eagles have a chance to clinch a spot into the playoffs in week 16. Their opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to get a win and stay within the AFC playoff race. The Jaguars, with a win could also have a shot at winning their division. Both teams have a lot riding on this game, but only the Eagles had a contervisoal game last week. 

Last week, Carson Wentz was benched in favor of Jalen Hurts after Wentz threw 4 interceptions in the first half. Wentz, after the game was disappointed in himself as he knows that he can do better. All week Coach Skellington was asked by the press who the starting quarterback was going to be versus the Jaguars. His response was, “ Carson Wentz is our quarterback until the time that he gets hurt.”  

Wentz started the game versus the Jaguars, however, his interceptions from the week before seemed to follow him into this game. The Jaguars watched last week’s game and formulated a gameplan to force Wentz to throw against their press man defense. They bottled up Sanders well, forcing Wentz to go to the air early and often. Wentz and the offensive line would get confused early in the game, letting up sack after sack versus the Jaguar blitz. Wentz would eventually figure their defense out  which led to multiple perfect timing touchdown passes. After a bad first half, Wentz and company pulled out the game in the second half, winning with a final score of 33-23. 

Carson Wentz, overall played a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of game. He couldn’t figure out how to stop the pressure of the Jaguars in the first half which led to multiple turnovers. After composing himself in the second half, he was much better. He ended the game throwing for 280 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions on 41 passing attempts. Miles Sanders on the other hand was bottled up for most of the game. He couldn’t break free from the Jaguar press, only rushing for 76 yards and a touchdown on 14 attempts. The Eagles receiving core has once again done a good job at getting everyone involved with 6 players receiving a pass in this game. Jalen Reagor had the best day in the game catching 5 passes for 98 yards and a touchdown.  

3 interceptions, 2 sacks, and 1 forced fumble are what won the game for the Eagles. The Eagles defense came up big once again in a game that the offense was underperforming. Fletcher Cox sacked and forced Trevor Lawernece to fumble, showing that even at his age he is the top defensive tackle in the league. The defensive interceptions leaders for the Eagles all season have been corners Slay and Maddox as well as safety Lecounte. They all intercepted Lawrence once, including a beautiful diving interception by Slay. Slay has been a consistent leader for the Eagles ever since he was picked up by the team. His age hasn’t been a concern, however, he is on the verge of regression. In the final two games he has to get 7 interceptions and or deflections in order to not regress. He did well in this game and in the final game he will need to have a great game, getting 5 interceptions or deflections. His abilities are important to his playstyle so he will be giving it his all in order to reach that goal. 

The Eagles, now at 10-5 have officially clinched a playoff spot. Officially, they are in the lead of the NFC East and with a win next week versus the Vikings or a Giants loss will win the division. They ended last season at 11-5 and felt very confident going into the playoffs. They want to win the division so we are hearing rumors that players will not be sat for the final game. It will be do or die for them next week as everything will come down to week 17.


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