PML Season 3 Dev Gen Recap

PML Team

Dev Gen Awards

Number of Times Selected


Content Points(2), Attribute Points for Position Group, Attribute Points(2)
BearsContent Points, Attribute Points2
BengalsContent Points, LB Dev Boost, Attribute Points3
BillsContent Points1
BroncosContent Points, Attribute Points(2)3
BuccsContent Points, 10 Points Coupon2
CardinalsContent Points, Attribute Points2
ChargersAttribute Points1
ChiefsContent Points, Attribute Points(2), Attribute Points – All OL, OL Dev Boost5
ColtsAttribute Points, Backup QB Love, OL Attribute Points3
CowboysContent Points(2)2
DolphinsContent Points, Attribute Points2
EaglesContent Points, LB Dev Boost(2)3
FalconsContent Points1
Football TeamN/A0
GiantsContent Points1
LionsContent Points(3)3
PanthersOL Attribute Points1
PatriotsContent Points1
RaidersContent Points1
RamsAttribute Points(2)2
RavensContent Points1
SaintsAttribute Points1
SeahawksAttribute Points, Content Points2
SteelersOL Dev Boost, Attribute Points2
TexansOL Dev Boost1

The PML Dev Gen was introduced in Madden 20 and it grants three owners a chance at marvelous upgrades at every advance. There are over 40+ possible options for what a coach may receive from the Dev Gen. Although there are a multitude of options, we saw the Dev Gen hand out more rewards this season than last season; attribute points, performance dev boosts, content point coupons, content points, and attribute points for specific positions. The Dev Gen awarded content points 43 percent of the time and attribute points 33% of the time. They combined for 39 of the 51 awards for this season. The King has been dethroned. The Jacksonville Jaguars were season two’s dev gen champions but season 3 featured a tie between two teams. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will share the crown this season as they tied with five awards a piece. Kansas City and San Francisco combined for roughly 19% of the total awards handed out by the dev gen.

The Browns, Football Team, Jaguars, Jets, Packers, Titans, and Vikings did not get awarded a single time by the dev gen this season. This is the second season in a row that the Browns and the Jets haven’t been awarded anything. The Jacksonville Jaguars went from being on the top to the absolute bottom. Chef unfortunately had some real life challenges which contributed to the lack of content, but we wish him the best and hope that he is doing better. The dev gen seems random at times but the criteria for winning has almost been the same!

Season 2’s Awards for Comparison –

PML Team

Dev Gen Awards

Number of Times Selected
49ersContent Points Coupon(2), Content Points3
BearsContent Points1
BengalsDev Boost(Performance), Content Points2
BillsContent Points(2), Attribute Points3
BuccsAttribute Points, Content Points2
CardinalsContent Points Coupon1
ChiefsContent Points1
CowboysContent Points(2)2
DolphinsAttribute Points(2)2
EaglesContent Points,Attribute Points2
Football TeamContent Points(2)2
GiantsContent Points(2), Attribute Points3
JaguarsContent Points(4), Attribute Points5
LionsContent Points, Attribute Points2
PackersContent Points1
PanthersContent Points1
PatriotsContent Points1
RaidersAttribute Points1
RavensContent Points1
SaintsContent Points1
SeahawksContent Points, Content Points Coupon2
SteelersContent Points, Content Points Coupon(2)3
TexansContent Points(2), Attribute Points3
TitansAttribute Points(2)2
VikingsDev Boost(Performance)1


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