It’s coming down to the end of the third season of the Premier Madden League and for the second year in the row the Las Vegas Raiders have not been looking hot. Although they improved their win rating by a small margin the team still seems to be in a rut. Some people blame the management, some people blame the team, some people blame both. Regardless it doesn’t matter where the blame is pointed it because we are going to deep dive into the statistics for this Raiders team to find out why this offense is having troubles putting points on the board and winning games.

The Good: Their passing attack. Even though a lot of turn overs came from their passing offense, they ranked 4th in the league in yards. With their Superstars Darren Waller and Henry Ruggs at the helm of this offense, it’s no surprise that these two men are able to create such a deadly passing game. The only problem is Ruggs seems to disappear in some games while Waller continues to ball out every game.

The Mediocre: Derek Carr, although he was top five in interceptions he was second in the league for passing yards. A lot of fans want Derek Carr out of the Raiders but management still seem keen on him. With not much time left in the league it seems like this team is going to stick with Carr for the remainder of the cycle. The offensive line was also mediocre this year even though they traded away some key pieces too it. A lot of the players on it were rookies or young players getting adjusted to the system and for the way they played they didn’t do too bad of a job.

The Ugly: The Rushing attack. Complete disgusting attack. They ranked last in the league this year and came close to the same ranking the year before. I mean you can’t put too much blame on it because of injuries but the best ability is availability and this offense nor the running backs seem to be available for the whole season. If the Raiders want to become a playoff team they will have to fix their rushing attack. The Raiders will also definitely need to improve on their depth for this team because they are plagued by injuries every year. The Raiders ability to score is also horrendous seeing as they rank 23rd in the league in points. If you are 4th in the league in passing yards you should be able to put more points on the board