Colts get back on track in week Nine

After a disappointing 2-5 start to the season, the Colts are back in the win column. The game was won by the defensive side of the ball in this was with a final score of 29-21. The Colts defense limited the Broncos to just 203 yards from scrimmage in the game. Jameis Winston finished with 191 yards through the air, with 0 touchdowns but more importantly 0 interceptions. Jonathan Taylor, paved the way for this game with 187 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. He averaged an eye popping 6.9 yards per carry and added 4 catches for 33 more yards. On the defensive side of the ball Deforest Buckner had a tackle for loss, and a key third down sack to force the Broncos out of field goal position early in the game. Marcus Peters has two of the teams three interceptions on the day, with Kendall Sheffield grabbing the other. The important note of the game here, is the 4th quarter as the Colts have given away some games lately in the 4th. With the game on the line the defense stepped up, and Jonathan Taylor and the offensive line cashed in with key first down after key first down. This has to be the recipe for the Colts if they hope to get back in the Afc south race. When the Colts, can control the clock with the ground game and get All-Pro Jonathan Taylor going they are hard to beat. If they get away from the gameplan they have a tough time finishing games strong. They have another afc matchup with the Browns next week. Both teams are hoping to fight their way into the playoffs in what should be a good game. It matches one of the best offenses in the league, vs one of the best defensive teams in the league. When asked out how to deal with the Cleveland offense the defensive coordinator was quoted as saying “ The panthers just showed, if you put pressure on the Browns offense and blitz from the edges they can’t get their deep routes developed quick enough. We hope to bring some pressure, but it starts with limited Chubb and Hunt out of the backfield. If we do that then we can bring heat on 3rd and Longs”.
We will see if this team can get a win streak going in Cleveland next week.


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