Week 15: Carson Wentz Benched!

After last week’s horrific game versus the Green Bay Packers, rumors have been swirling that Carson Wentz would be benched in favor of Jalen Hurts for this week’s game versus the Washington Football Team. These turned out to be nothing but rumors as Carson Wentz got the first team reps all week and felt like he had a good week of practice. Wentz talked with the media all week, claiming that last week’s game changed his thought process and he will be more careful when throwing the ball. This would be important advice to follow as this week the Eagles face off against the Washington Football Team in their final divisional game. A win for the Eagles would mean complete control over the NFC East, and a loss would send them into second place and potentially out of the playoff race. 

The game plan was simple, give Miles Sanders, arguably the best runningback in the league the ball. When Miles Sanders has the ball usually good things happen. Carson Wentz had other plans as he wanted to prove to the world that he can win the game by throwing the ball. This was the worst case scenario for the Eagles as Wentz threw the game away before the second half. Wentz played so badly that even with a clean pocket he was throwing inaccurate passes that went directly to Football Team defenders. Coach Skellington was so mad with Wentz that he benched him in favor of Jalen Hurts. With Wentz as the quarterback the offense only scored three points, compared to with Hurts they scored 7 points. Neither quarterback was close to winning the game as the Football Team won big with a score of 44-10. 

Carson Wentz only threw 12 passes in this game. He completed 6 of them for 70 yards and 4 interceptions. Wentz’s accuracy is being questioned by his teammates as he has thrown 11 interceptions in two games, with most of the interceptions being in a clean pocket. Hurts didn’t do that much better than Wentz in the aspect of winning the game, but he did better in not turning the ball over as much. Hurts did his best Wentz impression in the red zone as he overthrew a wide open drag into the waiting arms of the defense. Hurts ended the game completing 10 passes for 191 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Both quarterbacks found at least 6 receivers on the day with Wallace being the only receiver to find the endzone. 

Once again the Eagles and Carson Wentz choose to not run the ball and once again they lost. They have the luxury of having two superstar running backs on their team and for the second week in a row they were hardly given the ball. Sanders was given the ball 4 times, rushing for 30 yards, while Mostert was given the same amount of carries rushing for 12 yards. Sanders technically had the better day, but both running backs were seen after the game talking about holding out next season if this game plan continues. 

For the second week in a row the Eagles defense was placed in a position where they were forced to make turnovers or bust. This was a bad week for this as the linebacking core was given the ability to ascend  to superstar status if they completed their goal. The core tried their best to get any of the goals but they failed as they were trying to win the game. The Football Team did a good job of working around the linebackers and forcing them into bad positions. The defense was disappointed in themselves as this was a great opportunity that is not given often. 

This is the second loss for the Eagles in just as many weeks and have put them in a bad position going into the last two games of the season. The Eagles have both the Jaguars and the Vikings left on their schedule and both teams will be trying to fight for playoff position. The Eagles will need to win one of these games if they want to have a chance at making the playoffs. One thing is for sure, if Carson Wentz continues to play the same way, the Eagles will be sitting on the couch in 2 weeks.