Week 14: Winning Streak Snapped

The Eagles currently sitting at 9-3 are atop of the NFC East for the first time after three seasons in the Primer Madden League. Before the season, no one could have imagined that the Eagles at this point would be the team to beat in the NFC East. The Eagles played well last season, even getting a playoff win, however, most teams thought that they would regress this season. They have struggled at times versus less quality opponents, however, when the time came to play in big games they have come to play. This week they face off against the new coach of the Green Bay Packers. The previous coach was kicked off of the team due to mismanagement and a loss of caring. The new coach has already done more for the team in his short time than the previous coach did all cycle. Under new coaching staff, the Packers have already gotten a win and look to be a worthy competitor. The Eagles knew that this game cant be looked over and the new coaching staff wouldn’t just lay down in order to better their draft spot. 

The Eagles took a different approach for this game due to the superstar studdened defensive line of the Packers. They have superstars at all spots so the Eagles coaching staff believed it would be better to attack with the passing game instead of the running game. This turned out to be a huge mistake as the game turned out to be a turnover fest hosted by Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz came out slinging  the ball all over the field. The problem with this is he threw the ball to the Packers defenders more than his own receivers. Wentz dug the Eagles in a hole that they weren’t able to dig themselves out of. Even with all of the turnovers Wentz still had the opportunity, down only 7 to tie the game on the final drive. Wentz got the Eagles into the red zone only to throw another interception on a post route that was clearly not open. Wentz didn’t see the open route, only hoping that he could force the ball into the endzone, with the safety being too slow to get there. His final interception ended the game with a final score of 31-24. 

This was the worst performance by Wentz in his career. Wentz was inaccurate on most of his throws. Half of his throws he wasn’t under pressure, yet he still threw the ball right to the waiting arms of the Packers defense. Wentz ended the game completing 26 passes for 429 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. After the game, Wentz was told by Coach Skellington that if he has another performance like this he will be benched in favor of the dynamic Jalen Hurts. Miles Sanders only had 8 rushing attempts. This is a ridiculous number for one of the best running backs in the game. Sanders was seen extremely frustrated after the game and we can’t blame him. The only good thing that Wentz did in this game was getting 7 different players the ball. The Eagles have an offense that has the ability to get a lot of players involved, the only problem is their quarterbacks ability to throw them the ball. 

Giving up 7 interceptions in a game is always a recipe for disaster. In any game if you said a team would throw 7 interceptions, you would think that they game would end in a blowout. This is a testament to the Eagles defense. The defense was able to keep the Eagles in the game, almost making it so that they won the game. Fletcher Cox sacked quarterback Love twice, doing all he could in order to win the game. 

This game ended up being the worst game of the year for the Eagles. Carson Wentz proved that he can’t handle the pressure that a star studded defensive line can bring. Wentz singlehandedly lost this game for the Eagles, snapping their winning streak. Wentz will try to rebound next week where the Eagles will play their final division game against the Washington Football Team. 

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