Season 3 Team Reports – NFC West

NFC West

Team Name: San Francisco 49ers


Record: (5-8)


Offensive Stat Leaders:

  • Passing: 
    • QB D. Mills: 235-359, 65.5%, 3193 yards, 19 TD, 34 INT, 71.9 QB Rating
  • Rushing:
    • RB T. Chandler: 197 carries, 1248 yards, 17 broken tackles, 12 TDs
  • Receiving:
    • 1. TE G. Kittle: 73 rec, 1145 yards, 349 yac, 7 TD
    • 2. WR B. Thompson: 57 rec, 878 yards, 445 yac, 5 TD
    • 3. WR M. Williams: 30 rec, 427 yards, 111 yac, 5 TD


Defensive Stat Leaders

  • Tackles
    • 1. F. Warner: 37 tackles
    • 2. E. Mosley: 36 tackles
  • Sacks
    • 1. N. Bosa: 10 sacks
    • 2. J. Kinlaw: 5 sacks
  • Interceptions
    • 1. J. Battle: 5 int
    • 2. I. Pola-Mao: 5 int
  • Forced Fumbles
    • 1. K. White: 2 forced fumbles
    • 2. N. Bosa: 2 forced fumbles

Team Stats

  • Passing offense rank: 18th (3215 yards)
  • Rushing offense rank: 16th (1649 yards)
  • Passing defense rank: 8th (3116 yards)
  • Rushing defense rank: 6th (1262 yards)
  • Points scored per game: 18th (28 ppg)
  • Points allowed per game: 11th (27 ppg)


Season summary:

The 49ers had a very disappointing start to their season. They had a relatively easy schedule lined up with the AFC West and NFC South on the schedule, and neither of those divisions have sent a wildcard team to the playoffs in M21. But a slow start derailed their hopes early on and they’re in a position of desperation in which they need to win-out the rest of their schedule and hope the Seahawks and Cardinals fall flat. Maybe next season for the 49ers? Who knows, they have the talent on offense and defense and their coach has proven he is good enough to have this team compete with anyone. However, finding that ever elusive consistency has been their downfall so far.


Playoff outlook:

After starting out the season at 2-8, the 49ers are catching fire at just the right time with 3 consecutive wins against divisional opponents to put them in position to win their division. They will need to beat the Cardinals this week to have a chance, because that’ll give the 49ers the head to head tie-breaker on them with their best hopes being a tied record at 8-8 with Arizona


Remaining Opponents:

  • Week 14: Rams: W 40-17
  • Week 15: Cardinals (8-5)
  • Week 16: Rams (1-13)
  • Week 17: Bears (3-10)




Team Name: Seahawks

Record: 7 – 6  

Offensive Stat Leaders:


R. Wilson 197/301 3202 yards 18 TDs 28 INTs


R. Penny 179 carries 1018 yards 15 TDs

T. Pledger 30 carries 144 yards 3 TDs


R. Penny 62 receptions 911 yards 4 TDs

P. Dorsett II 27 receptions 661 yards 2 TDs

T. Shavers 26 receptions 473 yards 4 TDs

Defensive Stat Leaders


J. Adams 40 tackles

S. Griffin 39 tackles


J. Reed 4.5 sacks

S. Griffin 3 sacks


M. Blair 8 INTs

J. Adams 5 INTs

Forced Fumbles

J. Adams 3 FFs

S. Griffin 1 FFs

Team Stats

Passing offense rank: 15th

Rushing offense rank: 26th

Passing defense rank: 18th

Rushing defense rank: 14th

Points scored per game: 12th

Points allowed per game: 16th

Season summary:

After starting the season out as one of the hottest teams, the Seahawks have had a reality check as of late. At the moment they are still in the playoffs if they were to start right now, but this team will need to capture whatever magic they had early in the season if they want to hold on to their spot and have any success in the tournament.

Playoff outlook:

With 3 big time games still left on their schedule its hard to see the Seahawks correcting the ship and securing a playoff spot. After winning the NFC West 2 seasons in a row, the Seahawks are looking like they will be sitting this playoff season out on the sidelines.

Remaining Opponents:

Week 15: Chargers

Week 16: Falcons

Week 17: Football Team



Team Name: Arizona Cardinals


Record: 8-5


Offensive Stat Leaders:

  • Passing: 
    • QB Kyler Murray; 188/295, 63.7% comp, 3035 yards, 16 TDs, 30 INT, 73.8 QBR
  • Rushing:
    • HB Nyheim Hines; 189 attempts, 1072 yards, 13 broken tackles, 18 TDs, 2 fumbles
  • Receiving:
    • 1. WR DeAndre Hopkins; 38 receptions, 747 yards, 262 YAC, 5 TDs
    • 2. WR Andy Isabella; 32 receptions, 660 yards, 247 YAC, 3 TDs
    • 3. TE David Njoku; 42 receptions, 616 yards, 219 YAC, 2 TDs


Defensive Stat Leaders

  • Tackles
    • 1. SS Isaiah Simmons; 60 Tackles
    • 2. OLB Haason Heddick; 58 Tackles
  • Sacks
    • 1. DE Quincy Roche; 5 Sacks
    • 2. DE Breeland Speaks; 4 Sacks
  • Interceptions
    • 1. SS Isaiah Simmons; 10 Interceptions
    • 2. CB Byron Murphy; 7 Interceptions
  • Forced Fumbles
    • 1. SS Isaiah Simmons; 3 Forced Fumbles
    • 2. DE Quincy Roche; 3 Forced Fumbles


Team Stats

  • Passing offense rank: 20th (3006 yards)
  • Rushing offense rank: 26th (1450 yards)
  • Passing defense rank: 13th (3162 yards allowed)
  • Rushing defense rank: 16th (1935 yards allowed)
  • Points scored per game: 10th (33 PPG)
  • Points allowed per game: 13th (28 PPG allowed)


Season summary:

Isaiah Simmons has to be the unanimous team MVP for this season. He has put the team on his back and has played at an elite level few have seen. Playing in the NFC West, most of the league is not aware of his dominance, but they will be soon. He is dominant in the run game and impossible to throw against, making him one of the best defensive weapons in the league. Kyler Murray has struggled with interceptions, but a strong rushing attack and elite defensibe playmakers have kept this team churning forward. The Cardinals have played very well all season and are going to look to carry this momentum into the playoffs on the heels of their best season under Head Coach Goose. He did say it was only a matter of time until he figured madden out. Could this be the season we see the Cardinals come into their own and turn into contenders in the NFC?


Playoff outlook:

With three games left, the Cardinals play three sub .500 teams who will all be looking to collect their content points on an upset. Though their records are subpar, these teams all have talented coaches who have shown promise. The 49ers beat the Cardinals in their previous matchup. The Cardinals will go into that game looking to prove the previous meeting was a fluke and to secure a division title. The Cowboys and Lions will be playing for pride, and they are two coaches that cannot be taken lightly. 


Remaining Opponents:

  • Week 14: L 36-22 Los Angeles Chargers (14-0)
  • Week 15: San Francisco 49ers (5-8)
  • Week 16: Dallas Cowboys (5-8)
  • Week 17: Detroit Lions (5-8)




Team Name: Rams


Record: (1-11)


Offensive Stat Leaders:

  • Passing: 
    • QB J. Goff; 237-357; 66.4% comp, 3049 yards, 21 TDs, 37 INTs, 69.3 QB Rating
  • Rushing:
    • RB C. Akers; 180 att, 963 yards, 19 broken tackles, 10 TDs, 3 fumbles
  • Receiving:
    • 1. WR T. Atwell; 55 rec, 947 yards, 352 yac, 8 TDs
    • 2. TE K. Pitts; 46 rec, 541 yards, 116 yac, 4 TDs
    • 3. RB C. Akers; 42 rec, 469 yards, 304 yac, 2 TDs


Defensive Stat Leaders

  • Tackles
    • 1. CB D. Stingley; 33 tackles
    • 2. LB D. Campbell; 30 tackles
  • Sacks
    • 1. DE A. Donald; 4.5 sacks
    • 2. DT M. Davenport; 4.5 sacks
  • Interceptions
    • 1. CB D. Stingley; 5 interceptions
    • 2. Lb D. Campbell; 4 interceptions
  • Forced Fumbles
    • 1. CB D. Stingley; 1 forced fumble
    • 2. CB J. Ramsey; 1 forced fumble


Team Stats

  • Passing offense rank: 17th (3010 yards)
  • Rushing offense rank: 29th (1163 yards)
  • Passing defense rank: 10th (2822 yards)
  • Rushing defense rank: 26th (1754 yards)
  • Points scored per game: 30th (23 ppg)
  • Points allowed per game: 25th (36 ppg)


Season summary:

After firing 2 head coaches before week 4 of the season, it’s not surprising to see the Rams are at the bottom of the league once again. This new coach has shown promise, but winning games with this roster is an uphill battle. This season hasn’t been that disappointing though, because this is about what you might expect from cycling through 3 head coaches in 1 season. Hopefully this offseason the Rams can use their top 5 pick to finally address their QB situation, because Jared Goff has played himself into the bottomless pit of mediocre QB Free Agency, where none of them are worth the money they want. 


Playoff outlook:

My crystal ball says the playoffs are not in the future for the 1-11 Rams in Madden 21. It’s no knock at this coach, but he came too late to the party with a roster that hasn’t been built up enough to compete. The Rams have cycled through too many coaches and GMs in the past 3 seasons and haven’t been able to find someone that stayed with the team long enough to develop the roster. So, now we are here at the end of season 3 and the Rams are once again looking to get the #1 pick of the draft. 


Remaining Opponents:

  • Week 14: 49ers (4-8)
  • Week 15: Saints (6-6)
  • Week 16: 49ers (4-8)
  • Week 17: Chargers (12-0)



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