Season 3 Team Reports – AFC South

AFC South

Team Name: Jaguars


Record: (5-7)


Offensive Stat Leaders:

  • Passing: 
    • QB T. Lawrence; 233-326, 71.%% comp, 2750 yards, 22 TDs, 22 INTs, 91 QB Rating
  • Rushing:
    • RB T. Etienne; 168 att, 855 yards, 15 broken tackles, 6 TDs, 1 fumble
  • Receiving:
    • 1. WR D. Chark JR; 39 rec, 680 yards, 166 YAC, 4 TDs
    • 2. WR C. Kupp; 45 rec, 519 yards, 108 yac, 5 TDs
    • 3. TE A. Okwuegbunam; 45 Rec, 446 yards, 135 yac, 6 TDs


Defensive Stat Leaders

  • Tackles
    • 1. LB M. Jack; 56 tackles
    • 2. FS T. Stevenson; 40 tackles
  • Sacks
    • 1. DE J. Allen; 5.5 sacks
    • 2. DE Z. Carter; 5 sacks
  • Interceptions
    • 1. CB C. Henderson; 5 interceptions
    • 2. LB J. Schobert; 4 interceptions
  • Forced Fumbles
    • 1. SS J. Jones; 2 forced fumbles
    • 2. LB J. Schobert; 1 forced fumble


Team Stats

  • Passing offense rank: 24th (2579 yards)
  • Rushing offense rank: 17th (1440 yards)
  • Passing defense rank: 4th (2592 yards)
  • Rushing defense rank: 22nd (1586 yards)
  • Points scored per game: 29th (25 ppg)
  • Points allowed per game: 11th (27 ppg)


Season summary:

The Jaguars started off the season hot, but then unfortunately the head coach came down with Covid-19 and was unable to coach the teams for weeks. While he was gone, the Jaguars only won 1 game and the season was slipping away. Luckily, the head coach has made a full recovery just in time to come back and try to lead his team to an AFC South championship during a season in which every team in the division has been battling mediocrity. With 4 weeks left and 4 teams with 5-7 or 6-6 records in the division, anything can happen! But it sure is great to finally have their Head Coach back healthy in Jacksonville. 


Playoff outlook:

The Jaguars control their own destiny for the most part in their home stretch to make the playoffs. With 3 division opponents left, they have a good shot at winning the AFC South if they win out the rest of their schedule. The Eagles will likely be the toughest test on this schedule, but maybe the Jaguars will catch them on a day where they’re resting for the playoffs. 


Remaining Opponents:

  • Week 14: Titans (6-6)
  • Week 15: Texans (5-7)
  • Week 16: Eagles (9-3)
  • Week 17: Colts (6-6)


Team Name: Indianapolis Colts


Record: (7-6)


Offensive Stat Leaders:

  • Passing: 
    • QB Jameis Winston; 187/261, 71.6 % comp, 2,732 yards, 17 Tds, 19 Ints, 96.9 rating
  • Rushing:
    • RB Jonathan Taylor; 229 attempts, 1,478 yards, 42 broken tackles, 17 Tds, 1 fumble
  • Receiving:
    • 1. WR Parris Campbell; 51 rec, 1,213 yards, YAC 509, 13 Tds
    • 2. WR Jonathan Taylor; 55 rec, 601 yards, 559 YAC, 1 Td
    • 3. WR T.Y. Hilton; 37 rec, 484 yards,154 YAC, 0 TDs


Defensive Stat Leaders

  • Tackles
    • 1. LB Bobby Okereke; 48 tackles
    • 2. LB Darius Leonard; 42 tackles
  • Sacks
    • 1. DT DeForest Buckner; 5.5 sacks
    • 2. LB Anthony Walker Jr; 4 sacks
  • Interceptions
    • 1. CB Marcus Peters; 7 Ints
    • 2. LB Bobby Okereke; 5 Ints
  • Forced Fumbles
    • 1. LB Colin Schooler; 2 ff’s
    • 2. CB Marcus Peters; 2 ff’s


Team Stats

  • Passing offense rank: 21st (2,843 yards)
  • Rushing offense rank: 3rd (2,034 yards)
  • Passing defense rank: 28th (3,413 yards allowed)
  • Rushing defense rank: 6th (1,220 yards)
  • Points scored per game: 18th (28 ppg
  • Points allowed per game: 15th (28 points allowed)


Season summary:

The Colts are playing some of the best ball of the cycle and it might lead to their first division title. Their leaning behind the ground game of Jonathan Taylor and that stingy run defense led by Deforest Buckner. After starting the season 2-5 the Colts have won 5 of their last 6 which has them sitting at the #4 seed with 3 games left. The Colts are a solid team that has a recipe of many successful teams which is controlling the clock and playing defense. The colts problem early was finishing games but seems to have got that under control which led to the major turnaround. The Colts are a tough out and if they make the tourney watch out for them knocking off a coach or two


Playoff outlook:

Sitting at 7-6 with three games left the Colts are in good shape and I would be SHOCKED if they don’t clinch a playoff berth. They have the Jets, Raiders and Jags left on the schedule which are trap games but if he locks in they shouldn’t be a problem as he’ll definitely be the favorite in each game. If they finish 10-6 it looks like their playoff matchup will be Vs the Pats/Bills so it’s tough sledding either way but looking forward to see how they handle the pressure of the pml playoffs


Remaining Opponents:

  • Week 15: Jets (4-8)
  • Week 16: Raiders (3-9)
  • Week 17: Jaguars (5-7)



Team Name: Tennessee Titans


Record: 6-7


Offensive Stat Leaders:

  • Passing: 
    • QB Aaron Rodgers; 275/386, 71.2% comp, 3669 yards, 24 TDs, 29 INT, 90.4 QBR
  • Rushing:
    • HB Derrick Henry; 192 attempts, 1019 yards, 42 broken tackles, 10 TDs
  • Receiving:
    • 1. WR Garrett Wilson; 53 receptions, 969 yards, 419 YAC, 9 TDs
    • 2. WR AJ Brown; 54 receptions, 867 yards, 238 YAC, 6 TDs
    • 3. TE Jonnu Smith; 68 receptions, 861 yards, 324 YAC, 3 TDs


Defensive Stat Leaders

  • Tackles
    • 1. MLB Jayon Brown; 54 Tackles
    • 2. SS Dane Cruikshank; 43 Tackles
  • Sacks
    • 1. DE Jadeveon Clowney; 6 Sacks
    • 2. OLB Harold Landry; 5 Sacks
  • Interceptions
    • 1. SS Dane Cruikshank; 8 Interceptions
    • 2. FS Kevin Byard; 4 Interceptions
  • Forced Fumbles
    • 1. CB Kary Vincent Jr; 2 Forced Fumbles
    • 2. MLB Jayon Brown; 1 Forced Fumble


Team Stats

  • Passing offense rank: 10th (3501 yards)
  • Rushing offense rank: 25th (1510 yards)
  • Passing defense rank: 29th (3739 yards allowed)
  • Rushing defense rank: 10th (1442 yards allowed)
  • Points scored per game: 22nd (27 PPG)
  • Points allowed per game: 22nd (33 PPG allowed)


Season summary:

Starting the season on an 0-4 skid, this team’s season started to turn around with an upset victory over the Baltimore Ravens in week 5. The Titans have dropped a few games since then, but seem to have found a way to win games that they were previously losing. Aaron Rodgers has been Aaron Rodgers, and Derrick Henry has been impossible to tackle. Despite not having gaudy numbers, the future Hall of Fame quarterback has led this team to a top 10 passing attack, throwing to weapons like rookie Garrett Wilson, AJ Brown, and Jonnu Smith. This offense has dynamic talent that allows them to be successful even when things aren’t clicking for them. Their defense has gotten picked apart through the air but has been very strong against the run. This could be because teams simply pass more against the Titans due to the strength of their front seven. Jayon Brown has been lights out in the middle of this defense and continues to be a leader. Despite their losing record, the Titans have a chance to not only make the playoffs but win their division.


Playoff outlook:

Managing to overcome a rough start, the Titans have put themselves in a position to control their playoff destiny. The road is not easy, with three decisive games on the way. The Chiefs have the explosive talent to pull off an upset any week, and the Football Team and Texans are both going to be fighting for their playoff lives. Those games are going to be extremely difficult and all are must-wins for every team. Down the stretch of the season, we are going to see quite a few games that may as well be playoff games. This team is going to need Aaron Rodgers to step up and lead them if they want to make noise in the AFC. 


Remaining Opponents:

  • Week 14: L 37-21 Jacksonville Jaguars (6-8)
  • Week 15: Kansas City Chiefs (3-10)
  • Week 16: Washington Football Team (8-5)
  • Week 17: Houston Texans (7-7)




Team Name: Texans


Record: 5 – 7


Offensive Stat Leaders:


D. Watson​ 254/355​ 3816 yards​ 35 TDs​​ 25INTs 


J. Hawkins​ 162 carries​ 1021 yards​ 8 TDs

K. Gainwell​ 53 carries​ 185 yards​ 2 TDs



B. Cooks​ 62 receptions​ 1243 yards​ 13 TDs

W. Fuller V​ 48 receptions​ 1011 yards​ 8 TDs

J. Reed​​ 40 receptions 483 yards 1 TDs


Defensive Stat Leaders


J. Reid​​ 40 tackles

S. Bradley​ 31 tackles



J. Martin​ 11 sacks

B. Chubb​ 2.5 sacks



T. Mathieu 7 INTs

J. Reid ​​4 INTs


Forced Fumbles

J. Reid​​ 1 FF

S. Bradley​ 1 FF


Team Stats

Passing offense rank: 3rd

Rushing offense rank: 27th

Passing defense rank: 28th

Rushing defense rank: 28th

Points scored per game: 6th

Points allowed per game: 26th


Season summary: The Texans have had an up and down season. Its hard to gauge who the real team is. One minute they are looking like Super Bowl contenders, and the next they are looking like a they don’t belong in the post season. At the moment they are not in the playoffs, but the AFC is so wild that they can easily still sneak in with a late season run, which they are more than capable of doing.

Playoff outlook: I’m not even going to get into it. There are WAY to many scenarios in the AFC wildcard race. Just know this team has just a good chance to get in as they do to be eliminated.

Remaining Opponents:

Week 14: Raiders

Week 15: Jags

Week 16: Chargers

Week 17: Titans


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