Week 8: Expect The Unexpected

The Philadelphia Eagles are officially on their first win streak of the season. After having a topsy turvy season to start, their last two wins over the Lions and Colts have inspired the Eagles that this could be their season. Going into week 8, the Eagles coaching staff choose not to do their homework on the San Francisco 49ers given their record so far. On the other hand, rumors had it that the 49ers did everything they possibly could in order to scout for this game. The Eagles coaching staff gave their team the week off, expecting to just show up and have this win in hand. This choice backfired on the team in a big way. 

The Eagles had a game plan of running the ball down the throat of the 49er defense, however, that plan failed miserably due in part to a star studied defensive line. This led to the Eagles being forced to pass the ball which led to turnovers. Carson Wentz, had no time thanks in part to the terrible play of his left tackle Dillard. Dillard gave up 3 easy sacks early on in the game, which started to make Wentz feel pressure at all times. This phantom pressure led to Wentz throwing the ball into coverage. The turnovers would give the 49ers a 17 point lead at one point. The Eagles were able to come back from that deficit, but were unable to stop the crossing routes and screens of the mighty 49er offense. All of this combined, led to a 29-21 win for the 49ers. After the game coach Skellington was asked about his lack of preparation and he responded by saying, “ It is what it is, we felt that our opponent wasn’t good enough to beat us but they did their homework and came to play.” He also went on to take a dig at the 49ers staff saying, “ Given the fact they spent so much time preparing, shouldn’t it have been a blowout.” 

Carson Wentz and the Eagle offense had a terrible start to the game but went out and played in the second half. This wasn’t good enough to get the win but Wentz did end the day with 346 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions on 35 attempts. Sanders had his worst game of the season running the ball as he only rushed for 26 yards on 7 carries, however he still had a good day in the passing  game. Keke Coutee once again proved to be the leader of the Eagle receivers racking up 151 yards on 5 receptions. Zach Ertz had a nice game as well, showing that he will do all he has to in order to not regress this offseason. 

The Eagles defense played well earlier on in the game but failed to get the job done in the end. Fletcher Cox got another sack, increasing his chances at avoiding regression this offseason. Both safeties Wallace and Lecounte intercepted 49ers quarterback Mills. Wallace also added a sack. This was it for the defensive effort of the Eagles. They have a star studded defensive core, however,  they allowed multiple crossing routes to get wide open. They also allowed multiple screens to break free. At one point, a wide receiver screen was easily snuffed out but the defensive back ran right by instead of tackling the ball carrier. The Eagles will have to go back to the drawing board and sure up the defense as they still have to face a lot of high flying passing attacks this season. 

In all, the Eagles came into this game with an arrogance that they could just show up, play their game and the opponent had no chance to win no matter what. Their opponent took that to heart, studied them on film and forced turnovers to win the game. The Eagles as a team don’t prepare much for their games, however, they will need to take each opponent seriously going forward. Up next the Eagles take on the high flying Texans.