The Honey Badger’s Late Game Heroics!

The Houston Texans were in the fight of their lives against the Philadelphia Eagles and were almost able to pull the game away thanks to the late game heroics of Tyrann Mathieu. The Houston Texans were able to take a 10 point lead in the second half of the game thanks to a pick six that was returned by Mathieu. Carson Wentz hauled to the right after coming off of a play action fake but Coach Bull had sent a corner blitz from the right side of the field. Wentz was laid out on the play and threw up a wobbly ball that landed in the waiting arms of Mathieu. The Texans were unable to hold that lead and would eventually lose 38-34 with under a minute remaining in the game. This was another heartbreaking loss for the Texans and it slims their chances of a playoff run. The Texans have a much needed bye week next and Coach Bull will need to narrow down the team’s opportunities and develop a game plan for the second half of the season. Deshaun Watson’s lack of consistent play and the defense of the Texans has to be corrected if this team is going to be able to pull off the miracle. 

Deshaun Watson completed 21 of his 34 passing attempts for 337 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. His quarterback rating was below 100 for the fifth time this season and there was once again very little balance to Coach Bull’s offensive scheme. When the Texans had their 10 point lead in the second half, that should have been the cue to pound the ball and waste the clock. Javian Hawkins rushed just 9 times for 63 yards in this game. He has been held to under 100 yards rushing in six games this season. The Texans are not giving their best player on offense the opportunity to excel and it is really hurting their offensive efficiency. Javian Hawkins eclipsed over 2000 yards rushing last season and this season he is projected to barely rush for 1000 yards if this pace continues. Coach Bull does try to take advantage of the speed that Javian Hawkins possesses and he is on track for 72 catches by the end of the season. Hawkins is averaging 4.5 catches a game and has proven to be a dual threat running back since being drafted in the fourth round last season. The offense has never truly been an issue for the Texans. They have been able to rank among the league’s top offenses every season so far, but the poor defensive output is out of control. The Texans have added crucial pieces to the defense so far this season and they need to start performing on the field. 

Coach Bull told us that he is going to emphasize rest over preparation during the team’s bye week. He said that the team isn’t where he wants them to be, but they are in a unique situation where the entire AFC South is struggling and he wants his team to be well-rested and injury free. He believes that his philosophy will best help his team reach the playoffs. 

The Houston Texans have already locked down most of their defensive starters for next season but since Tyrann Mathieu was franchise tagged by the Chiefs before he was traded to the Texans, he is unable to negotiate a deal until after the season is over. Mathieu had his best game this season against the Eagles since being traded to the Texans and he is proving why it would be in the best interest of the Texans to resign him. Mathieu is aging but his speed and his coverage ability shouldn’t take massive hits and the Texans are hoping to sign him to a team friendly deal. The Texans still have a few quality players that they are hoping to negotiate deals with and the most recent deal that is pending is with offensive linemen Max Scharping. The Texans are hoping to resign the 26 year old offensive guard but he has already rejected their first offer. The Texans offered Scharping his asking price of $11.2M over two years, but he told them that the salary is too low for his liking. The Houston Texans are expected to throw in another counter offer but Max Scharping has had difficulty staying on the field this season and you have to believe that his injury history will be a talking point before extending his contract. 


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