2021 QB Draft Class Update

A look back at the 2021 QB Draft Class

The quarterback position is one that most sports fans and analysts would agree on is the most important position in all of sports. Just like In any sport or profession, if your not performing, they will find someone out there who will perform and will take your position in the blink of an eye or in a New York minute (Proud New Yorker). As we turn the page and start a new week on the PML calendar, let’s take a look at these young signal callers who solidified themselves as starters and are showing no signs of the sophomore slump outside of one QB.

#1. Feleipe Franks (RD 6th, 27th Pick)

     New England Patriots (7-2) 1st AFC East

     2453 Passing Yards (12th)

     19 Passing TD (11th)

     72.2 Completion % (8th) ^More than 100 Attempts

     QBR 94.4

Franks has shown it doesn’t matter what round your drafted in, if placed in the right organization you can be successful. He is leading the 7th highest scoring offense in the PML with 37ppg, following a rookie campaign where he only attempted 2 passes. You can expect this club to be playing late in January and I don’t know about you guys, but I also remember another New England QB being drafted in the 6th Rd. #TheGoat #TB12

#2 Jamie Newman (RD 3, 2nd Pick)

      Minnesota Vikings (7-2) 1st NFC North

      1853 Passing Yards (28th)

      13 Passing TD (Tie 21st)

      76.8 Completion % (3rd) ^More than 100 Attempts

      QBR 110.5

Newman enters his second year under the center following a successful rookie campaign which saw him throw for over 3,000 yards and 20 TD passes. Although his number seem modest, he is a good game manager and takes what the Defense gives him. This is another signal called who you can expect to be on the field in January. Daunte Culpepper???

#3. Trevor Lawrence (RD 1, 3rd Pick)

      Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5) Tie 1st AFC South

      1974 Passing Yards (25th)

      15 Passing TD (Tie 19th)

      68.7 Completion % (14th) ^More than 100 Attempts

      QBR 80.7

Lawrence entered the 2021 draft as the prized jewel that had GMs salivating. The quarterback position has been one that has been an issue for years for this franchise. (Gabbert,Bortles, Henne). That should no longer be the issue, following a rookie year that saw him eclipse 3,500 yards and 20 TDs, this should be the norm going forward for Sunshine and the Jaguars as they compete for a playoff spot.

#4 Justin Fields (RD1, 2nd Pick)

     Carolina Panthers (5-4) Tie 2nd NFC South

     2031 Passing Yards (24th)

     11 Passing TD (26th)

     72.7 Completion % (6th) ^More than 100 Attempts

     QBR 83.2

The dual threat Fields, who was the first QB off the board in the 2021 draft continues to impress and has the fans in Carolina buzzing as they look to reach the post season. His freshman season numbers were outstanding throwing for over 4,000 Yards and 29 TD passes. The offense in Carolina has resorted more to a Run game this season, which makes Fields with his dynamic speed a threat on every snap. Statistically the numbers may be a little bit of a drop off, but when your putting up Ws that’s all that matters. Cam newton who?

#5 Trey Lance (RD1, 9th Pick)

      New Orleans Saints (4-5) 4th NFC South

      1855 Passing Yards (27th)

      12 Passing TD (Tie 23rd)

      68.4 Completion % (15th) ^More than 100 Attempts

      QBR 82.0

Lance entered the 2021 draft as somewhat of a wild card. Playing at North Dakota St the lack of exposure and competition would scare off most. But it did not scare New Orleans and the transition from Brees to Lance has been seamless. A rookie campaign which saw him throw for over 4,300 yards and 32 TDs. They have tightened the leash a bit this season and are featuring a RB stable of Kamara, Snell and Sermon similar to the Carolina Panthers. At 4-5 expect Lance to be called upon to make some big plays down the stretch if New Orleans hopes to be a Wild Card team and have the fans of Bourbon Street chanting WHO DAT, WHO DAT going to beat the Saints?

#6 Micale Cunningham (RD3, 24th Pick)

     Atlanta Falcons (5-4) Tie 2nd NFC South

     1826 Passing Yards (29th)

     10 Passing TD (28th) 

     64.2 Completion % (26th) ^More than 100 Attempts

     QBR 75.0

Cunningham showed glimpses of promise in first season under center throwing for 3,800 Yards and 28 Passing TDs. The training wheels have been put back on and the success in Atlanta has shown, as the game manager approach has resulted in a 5-4 record to date. A run first team with Todd Gurley has helped take the load off Cunningham. Having Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley on the outside will certainly help in the development process of this young man when he is called upon to throw. Expect a huge leap in 2023. Micale Ice?.

#7 Zach Wilson (RD3, 21st Pick)

    Chicago Bears (3-6) Tie 2nd NFC North

    1956 Passing Yards (26th)

    9 Passing TD (30th)

    61.4 Completion % (31st)

    QBR 52.8

Wilson has taken a huge step back in his second season. A rookie season which we saw him throw for over 4,200 Yards and 30 TDs and 96 QBR. The Bears record has been reflected by his play as they are sitting at 3-6. Hopefully Wilson can regain his 2021 form in the second half of the season and build upon that for the 2023 campaign. Otherwise could we see the Bears head in a different direction next offseason. Mitchell Trubisky 2.0? We shall see.


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