Eleven on Zero?

The Houston Texans were riding high after their win last week against the Washington Football Team. They were so amped up after that win that they overlooked a red hot New York Giants team and were walloped 55-10. The Houston Texans are sitting at 3-5 on the season and are having one of the worst seasons in team history. Deshaun Watson threw five interceptions and fumbled the ball away. The defense was unable to make up for the mistakes of the offense and were caught flat footed all game long. Coach Bull will have to energize his team and shake this loss off quickly because they face off against another hot NFC East team in the Philadelphia Eagles next week.

Coach Bull wanted to take advantage of the Giant’s weaker run defense but ended up playing right into their hands. The Giants have one of the best pass defenses in the league and Coach Bull tried to remain balanced but because of how quickly the Giants were able to score, his play calls leaned towards a pass heavy offensive approach. Javian Hawkins had 14 rushing attempts for 82 yards whereas Deshaun Watson threw the ball for 30 attempts. The pass to run ratio isn’t awful, but you’d assume that with the Giants impressive pass defense, that ratio would be the opposite of what it actually was. We saw the Texans lean on Javian Hawkins last season and it helped them make the playoffs. This season has produced different results and they really need to get back to the basics.

Coach Bull and the Texans need to get better in the trenches. Deshaun Watson was sacked five times and pressured on almost half of his throws. His interceptions were caused from the constant pressure that he faced and it is looking like the move to trade Leremy Tunsil is backfiring. The Texans are unable to provide protection for Deshaun Watson and they are having difficulty getting to the quarterback on defense. They didn’t sack Daniel Jones at all in this game and Bradley Chubb has yet to record a sack since he was traded to the Texans. Bradley Chubb has been a force in the run game, he has recorded six tackles for loss on the season but the Texans are hoping for more statistical success from him moving forward.

The Texans have the Eagles, Colts, Cowboys, Titans, Raiders, Jaguars, Chargers, and Titans left on their remaining schedule. The Texans are struggling this season but so are a lot of the other teams that are remaining on their schedule. The Chargers are the only team that has found consistent success this season. The Texans have four divisional games left, so they are still in the mix of things when its comes to winning their division and making the playoffs if they can get back to the recipe that has helped them make the playoffs in the past.

We have identified all of the opportunities that the Texans need to work on moving forward but the season hasn’t been a complete wash. The Texans do have several players that are performing at an elite level despite the overall record of the team being poor. Brandon Cooks has been one of Deshaun Watson’s go to targets this season. Brandon Cooks is leading the team in receptions and with most of the elite defenders guarding Will Fuller, Cooks has been able to find himself more open this season than in the previous ones. Rookie wide receiver Joseph Ngata has also been a surprise success. He has the second most touchdowns on the team but his receptions primarily come in the red zone. Marquise Goodwin’s playing time has been cut in half and is an afterthought on this offense. He is in his contract year and his regression will play a huge factor on if the Texans will offer him another contract. He is asking them for a one year $2M dollar contract. That will not break the bank for the Texans, but if he isn’t going to play, I cannot see them offering that much money to sit on the bench. The Texans are building towards the future with their roster, but in Houston, success will always be based on winning percentages.


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