Week 6: Bye Week Defensive Check In

This is the second part in the Philadelphia Eagles bye week check in. On the defensive side of the ball the Eagles have struggled to a certain extent. They are in the mid tier ranks in points given up per game and yards given up per game, while ranking almost last in passing yards given up per game. The only statistic that they somewhat excel at would be rushing yards given up per game, where they rank in the top ten. With a star studded defensive unit it is very surprising that they are having a lot of struggles this season. Next we will take a look at the different positions and see how they have done so far this season, and how we think they will do for the rest of the season. 

Defensive Line: The Eagles defensive line is led by defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, who has been their backbone for a long time. Cox, is leading the team in sacks and is the only person on the team with more than one sack, This unit was projected to do very well, even with the loss of superstar defensive end Brandon Graham. They aren’t able to force pressure, which is directly resulting in teams being able to throw all over them. We believe Cox will fire up the rest of the defensive line, resulting in more sacks for the Eagles. 

Linebackers: Superstar linebackers Taylor and Moses have been anchoring this team, creating a tandem that is hard to run against. They are currently first and second on the team in tackles, and forced fumbles. They are forcing teams to pass on them with their run stuffing abilities. We predict that this will continue, and both of them could be in the pro bowl if the rest of the defense is able to play pass defense. 

Defensive Back: The Eagles have a star studied, fast secondary that flies to the ball. The problem is that they  are letting up so many one play touchdowns, and huge yardage chunks down the field. The problem with this is they dont give themselves time to get settled in the game. Most teams are attacking the middle of the field away from Maddox and Slay which has resulted in huge success. We predict that the Eagles will move their star corners to the inside of the field to force teams to go to a different gameplan. Even with this solid game planning, we don’t see the Eagles having huge success in their pass defense. The corners will need to make some serious plays if they want to salvage their season and not lose their abilities. 

In all, the Eagles have played porous defense that will need to change going forward. The Eagles face off against a gauntlet of  divisional opponents coming up and each opponent will be looking to take advantage of any weakness they can find.