Week 6: Bye Week Offensive Check In

After last week’s big win the Eagles currently sit at 3-2 going into their bye week. The bye week comes early for the Eagles and they have opted to give their players a rest for the week. With the players being well rested they all received a bonus to their injury status. They will look to take the week off, then prepare for a tough matchup against the Indianapolis Colts in week 8.

With their bye week coming early, now is a good time to check in and see how the roster is doing. We will take a look at each position and give a small breakdown on their season so far as well as their outlook for the rest of the season. 

Quarterback: The passing attack is ranked in the top 10 of the league. Carson Wentz has done a good job at getting yards, but his touchdowns are low, while his interceptions are high. Wentz has thrown more  interceptions compared to touchdowns and if this continues his superstar status will be lost at the end of the season. We project Wentz to take a hard look at himself and sure up his interception numbers. Wentz is making mostly good throws, however, his faults come from his arrogance to fit the ball in small windows. 

Running Back: Miles Sanders has done a good job running the ball  when given the chance. Sanders has used his abilities to break a lot of tackles and get into the endzone. Sanders has been stopped early in games, which according to Coach Skellington is the reason he is not getting many touches. The Eagles brought in Mostert to supplement Sanders but he has hardly been getting any carries. It is hard to judge him as his playing time is comparable to Jalen Hurts. We predict that the Eagles will get back into their roots and give both backs the carries that they deserve. 

Wide Receiver : The Eagles have a plethora of good starting receivers and they have been waiting for a true number one receiver to emerge. Keke Coutee looks to be that receiver as he was given the status of superstar and is currently leading the team in yards, receptions and touchdowns. Reagor and Wallace have been contributing as well but Coutee looks to be the clear cut favorite for Carson Wentz. The Eagles have gone to more of a passing team and we predict that they will use the passing attack to set up their running attack going forward. Teams now realize they can’t just stack the box on this team, which will help the team in the long run. 

Tight End & Offensive Line: We put these positions together as the Eagles have in the past primarily used their tight ends as extensions of their offensive line. This season however, Zach Ertz has emerged as a true threat in the passing game. Ertz is top on the team in yards, receptions, and touchdowns. Ertz has heard the rumors of superstar regression at the end of the season and is looking out for his own interest. He knows that he is a superstar and is finally starting to play like it. The offensive line has played great as per usually except for tackle Dillard who continues to let up sack after sack. We predict that both Ertz and the offensive line will do their part as per usual, however, if Dillard isn’t given help in the passing game it will lead to throwing out of sack interceptions for Wentz. 

The offense as a whole has been middle of the pack for the most part. They have a top 10 passing attack, are in the top 15 for total yards, however, are in the bottom of the league in rushing yards per game, and points per game. The 27 points per game they are averaging are right in line with what they are giving up on defense. They will need to score more points if they want to have a chance at the playoffs. We predict that the offense will put up bigger numbers but question if they will be enough. 


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