What the F$&K is going on in Tennessee

What the F$&K is going on in Tennessee 

PML has chewed up and spit out every coach at some point or another, and the latest name on that list is yours truly. 

The keys to the Titans turnaround? Who the fuck knows. Aaron Rodgers was quoted saying “Listen, I don’t know how we’re winning, but come playoff time no one is gonna remember how bad we were in a week 6 win. We’re fighting for our division title and right now we’re focused on the Raiders” 

 Starting off the season 0-4 the Titans were trying their best to ruin the season before it even started, with losses to Colts, Patriots, Chargers and Eagles to start the season. In all these games the Titans just looked outmatched and out coached. Derrick Henry couldn’t get going, Aaron Rodgers started off his (2nd) worst season ever, ( thank you again UncleSam) and the defense couldn’t stop a damn thing. That’s when Coach was caught by the league office on a hot mic spewing… “hate speech”. The team was at an all time low, and the leaders responded. Aaron Rodgers stood up in front of the team with Coach Bubba suspended, and took responsibility. He talked about how this team is too talented to be 0-4, and it’s now or never to turn this thing around. Assistant coach JaChrisB897 stepped in and the team rallied around, derailing the 4-0 Ravens, and flexing against the Broncos, and then stealing a game against the Cowboys. Sitting now at 3-4 the Titans are somehow right in the thick of the the AFC South race.  

The Titans week 8 matchup against the LA Raiders gives them an opportunity to get to .500 before the bye, and also gives them a chance to jump to first in the division with some help from other teams. 

The Raiders are a known air raid offense, and although they have an extremely explosive offense, their record sits at 1-6. This Titan team can’t take anyone lightly. Keys to this game will be 

  1. Stop Turing the ball over

   Arod has struggled early on with turning the ball over, while Coach has admitted the often this is bad play calling and coaching, there has been times this season where you can see the age on Aaron Rodgers. Dialing in early and keeping things simple will be key against the Raiders

  2. Create Turnovers 

As bad as the Titans D has been this season (like league worst bad) they have found a way to create turnovers. Giving the offense short field and easy points will definitely play in the favor of Tennessee 

  1. Run the damn ball

This season the offense has been very centered around Aaron Rodgers, although Arod is an all time great, he has a real life chat code in the backfield with him. Henry has to be a big part of the game because this team goes as Derrick Henry goes, both the offense and defense fees off of an effective run game 

The schedule ahead is definitely no cake walk, but it is relatively easy compared to the first half. Even with the rough start to the season, the Titans season looks salvageable, and hopefully they will have a chance to defend their division championship for the second straight season, that will rest squarely on the shoulders of Head Coach Bubba.