The Texans Defeat The Football Team After a Botched Spike Attempt!

The Houston Texans were considerable underdogs heading into week 7s match-up against The Washington Football Team. PML has had a wild week in week 7. There have been games that should have gone into overtime but a few coaches made some very head scratching play calls that led to their team getting a loss. Coach Bull and the Texan’s starting offense practiced this week to expose the Washington defense in the trenches. Washington was ranked 27th against the rush coming into this game and Coach Bull wanted to let his MVP halfback loose. The Texans set the tone for the game on their first play. Javian Hawkins ran through the middle of the Football Team’s defense for 6 yards, but the positive gain helped exude the confidence that the Texan offense needed. Deshaun Watson led his offense down the field and Javian Hawkins punched the ball in on a stretch play to the right side of the field. Dwayne Haskins tried to fit his first pass attempt over the outstretched arms of corner Asante Samuel, but the ball was intercepted. The Texans were able to take advantage of the turnover and kicked a field goal to take a 10-0 lead heading into the second quarter. 

The offense of the Texans looked unstoppable on their first few drives and eventually took a 17-0 lead, but Washington was able to bounce back with a touchdown just before the half, but the Texans still had a 24-14 lead going into halftime. Momentum favored the Football Team coming out of halftime. They were able to score 14 unanswered points after a touchdown of their own by Gerald Everett and a Joseph Ngata fumble on third and long. The game bounced back and forth until the final minute. Deshaun Watson dialed up a hard play action fake that sent Washington safety Troy Apke hurling forward and that left Will Fuller wide open for a 30 yard go ahead touchdown. Dwayne Haskins was able to drive down the field and find a wide open Terry Mclaurin on the one yard line with under twenty seconds left. Coach Bull wasn’t going to allow Washington to punch the ball in on the ground and ran commit which stopped Bryce Love in his tracks two yards behind the line of scrimmage. Dwayne Haskins was in shotgun with his receivers spread out in a five wide formation, with zero timeouts left, and he got caught stargazing as Jacob Martin trampled on the Football Team’s right tackle and sacked him. Dwayne Haskins hurried his team to the line but instead of spiking the ball, he told his teammates to get to the end zone for a fake spike. Haskins faked the spike, rolled to his right nearing the sideline, and threw to the corner of the end zone where Terry Mclaurin appeared to be open. The ball was just out of his reach and that play officially ended the game. 

Gareon Conley had the very difficult task of covering Terry Mclaurin for the majority of the game. Mclaurin caught 5 passes for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns. Conley was not covering Mclaurin on his 75 yard catch and touchdown run, but Gonley did step in front of a sailed pass by Dwayne Haskins which set the tone for the second half of the game. Dwayne Haskins had only been sacked four times coming into this game but the Texans defense was able to sack him three times. J.J Watt made his presence known when he sacked Haskins and forced him to fumble the ball. The Texans desperately needed to come away with the victory and with it, they kept their playoff hopes alive. 

The Texans are giving up an average of 270 passing yards, 176 rushing yards, 450 total yards, and 37 points per game. Coach Bull is ashamed of his defense and the way that they have allowed opposing offenses to march up and down the field as they please. The defense is making it harder on the offense and Coach Bull is in need of some playmakers who will be able to set the tone on defense. There have been rumours that the Texans have opened up the books and are eyeing a few guys to move out that wouldn’t be detrimental to the team. The trade to acquire Shaun Bradley from the Eagles has added depth to the linebacker position. Benardrick McKinney is a name that has been tied with the trade rumours. Mckinney still has two years left on his current deal and has been an asset for the Texans through three seasons. His small cap penalty and big hitter potential does make him a potential asset for another team. The trade rumours should fizzle out next week and we will know if Coach Bull and the upper management of the Texans have a plan to finally fix their defense.