A Losing Streak Like No Other!

The Houston Texans are spiraling out of control as they drop their fourth straight loss of the season to the Buffalo Bills. The Houston Texans have turned the ball over consistently in their losing streak and it continued this week. The Houston Texans were able to march down the field on their opening drive and put three points up on the board. This was the only lead of the game that the Texans had and they didn’t have it for long. The Bills countered the field goal of the Texans with a touchdown of their own. The Texans were able to again march the length of the field, but Deshaun Watson fumbled the ball in the red zone and the game was in the hands of the Buffalo offense from then on out. Deshaun Watson completed 30 of his 40 attempted passes for 427 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. He also fumbled the ball two times. Watson’s five turnovers came at crucial times and he has really let his team down the past few weeks. He has a ratio of 9 touchdowns to 14 interceptions in the last four games after not throwing a single one in the first two games and he has fumbled four times. The extensive amount of turnovers has put the Texans in trailing positions and that has forced coach Bull to abandon his game plan in the first half of the majority of these games. 

The Texans have the sixth best statistical offense in the league but the balance is off kilter. They are the third best passing offense but the twenty-seventh best rushing offense. It is very difficult to stick to the run game when you’re down multiple scores in the first half, but Coach Bull will need to find a stronger approach at balancing his offense. He is using the short passing game as a supplement to running and while the yards are there, being one dimensional only suits the defense more often. The Texans are averaging close to 34 points a game but are giving up close to 37 points a game. The high flying offensive attack is only dangerous if you’re able to score and then protect the ball. The Texans are not alone when it comes to struggling this season, in fact, the entire AFC South is struggling. 

The AFC South has been struck with a bit of bad luck this season. The Jacksonville Jaguars surprisingly sit atop the division with a 3-3 record. The Colts, Texans, and Titans are not too far behind but all sit at 2-4. The Texans have scored the most points through six games but have also allowed the most points against all four teams. The Jaguars and Titans are on 3 and 2 game winning streaks respectively while the Colts and the Texans are on three and four game losing streaks. The team that is able to ride the hot hand into the second half of the season will find themselves in a better place when it comes to making the playoffs. The Houston Texans envisioned themselves only having one loss at this point in the season and their next stretch of opponents doesn’t get any easier. 

The next three opponents that the Texans will have to face have a combined 11-5 record. It is only week 6, but the Texans will need to play every game moving forward like it is a playoff game. They have no room to lose any more games if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. They will have to travel up to FedEx Field in Maryland to take on the Washington Football Team. The Texans will be welcoming defensive end J.J Watt back into the lineup and they hope that he has recovered from his injury that has knocked him out for five games this season. Watt is still playing on the franchise tag this season and with contract negotiations up in the air, Watt is expected to make an impact for the Texans that will bring some life back into their defense. 

Week 7 Contract Negotiations – 

DE J.J Watt – $42.8M total over two years* 

The Texans were able to negotiate long term contracts with all of their key players. The negotiations with J.J Watt are still pending but the Texans are determined to bring Watt back for another season if he is able to prove that he can still play at a high level. The Texans have roughly 8 backup players to re-sign and left tackle Juwann Taylor who they acquired in the off-season. The Texans are expected to re-sign Taylor in the coming weeks. The Texans upper management has extensively looked into contract management and moved players with bad contracts or have let players with high contracts walk in free agency because they were unable to perform up to par. The Texans have gone from negative cap space and were in jeopardy of losing several key players, to having the freedom to bring on new players to help spark a second half run.