S3:W6 – “Flashback Friday”

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“Flashback Friday”

Breakout Rookie S3 – AFC East: Bills

Continuing along, we look at the AFC East. Bills is up first on the list and their breakout rookie is easy to see at this point. Now they had a WR that they drafted in the 4th round and a CB that they drafted with their later 3rd round pick but, their 1st round pick FS-Kyle Hamilton, has already made a solid impact and got a couple INTs on the season. He has raised up to 80 overall by week 6, and of course he is a STAR DEV. He is the best rookie in position to breakout for the Bills.

Breakout Rookie S3 – AFC East: Dolphins

Jumping over to the Dolphins, they had an opportunity to have a stud convert player in ATH-B.Eagles but, it seems like he was moved a little too soon and is paying the price for it with a suspension and other things. The rookie that did take advantage of this was rookie 1st round pick, HB-Breece Hall. He has made it up to a SUPERSTAR DEV and now pairs well with other SS-DEV RB, M.Breida. B.Hall has already hit the level of being a breakout rookie and I expect him to only build upon that the rest of the season.

We started off playing against the Raiders and jumped out to a 28-7 lead mid way through the 3rd, before the connection dropped. Due to being up our opponent wanted to go ahead and call it. After speaking to the Commish we had to jump back in to play the (CPU) for the Raiders due to having a breakout game for HB-T.Etienne. We were able to win against the CPU 27-10 and we were able to hit the mark for the breakout game and get HB-T.Etienne to SUPERSTAR DEV.

We now turn our attention to the Chiefs and WR-T.Hill in week 7. They are a patient offense that will take their deep shots when they have them, so our “Teal Team 6” Secondary better be ready!

Breakout Rookie S3 – AFC East: Jets

For the Jets, they definitely hit on a couple picks that could be their breakout rookie. HB-Jermar Jefferson, is one of such. He is a STAR DEV and has raised his overall from 71 to 77, so had to be something pretty solid to jump him for breakout rookie. They did just that with OLB-Nolan Smith from Georgia. He is a XF DEV level player, so he is without question already their breakout rookie and looks to make a greater impact for seasons to come for the Jets.

Breakout Rookie S3 – AFC East: Pats

Last but, not least, we finish up with the Pats. They made a super a pick with their 27th overall pick, DE-Drake Jackson. He is SUPERSTAR DEV and comes in with the infamous “Inside Stuff” ability. Definitely a breakout rookie for the Pats. He already has 12 tackles and 1 sack up to week 6 of the season.