Welcome to the Scum Bucket

In week 5, the Houston Texans traveled down to Jacksonville, home of the famous ‘Scum Bucket.’ The Jacksonville Jaguars had a very controversial win last week against the Miami Dolphins and were intent on keeping that win streak alive at any cost. The Dolphins were in control of every game that they played against the Jaguars until the final countdown. The Scumuars continued their scummy ways into this game against the Texans from the very first moment they stepped onto the field. The coach of the Jaguars instructed his kicker to intentionally kick the ball to the side of the field that made it possible to get a free hit on an unsuspecting kick returner who normally didn’t return the kicks. The kick returner was unable to field those kickoffs and get the blocking they needed, but despite the scumminess, that wasn’t the reason the Houston Texans lost this game. 

The Houston Texans turned the ball over five times. Deshaun Watson threw four interceptions and the Scumuars were able to take advantage of a huge hit and subsequent fumble recovery on one of these ill-advised kickoffs. The Texans were down 14-10 coming out of halftime and that’s when the fumble occurred giving the advantage back to the Jaguars. The Texans were able to eventually tie the game 21-21, but Deshaun Watson threw into the open arms of a Jaguar defender. The Jaguars were then able to score on a long run that was designed to go inside but instead was bounced from the center to the left side of the field. The Jaguars pulled out all of the stops in this game and their win at all costs mentality helped them get a 28-21 victory over the Texans. The Jaguars are now 1-4 against the Texans this madden cycle, but can they really be happy with their performance, then again, a win is a win.. 

The defense of the Texans held Trevor Lawrence to 8/11 passing attempts for 50 passing yards. The Jaguars ran for over 197 yards though and the run defense of the Texans continues to be awful. The Texans are unable to shed the blocks necessary to stop ball carriers in their tracks and as the momentum kicks in, the Texan defensive backs routinely miss tackles in the open field. The Texans face off against the Buffalo Bills in week 6 and the Texans will be in trouble if they are unable to stop the Bills high flying offense. In the absence of J.J Watt, outside linebacker Jacob Martin has been the one to step up on defense. Jacob Martin sacked Trevor Lawrence twice in this game and has gotten to the quarterback 5 times in the last three games. Martin’s early season performance is enhanced due to his ‘edge threat’ ability. He has been able to cleanly finesse his way around opposing tackles and make impact plays. We were able to get an impromptu interview with Coach Bull after the game about his team’s performance.. 

Plankton: Coach Bull, how do you feel that your team performed today? Your offense/special teams turned the ball over 5 times and you only lost the game by 7 points.

Coach Bull: Plankton, we are not concerned with almost winning in Houston, we expect our team to win. It is very disappointing to be on the losing streak that we’re on now, but by no means are we out of the running yet. Deshaun is having a tough stretch protecting the ball, but we’re going to get back to basics and design him a few plays that will help strengthen his decision making on the field. 

Plankton: We appreciate the input coach. I have one last question. You have to play against the Jaguars again this season in week 15, do you think you will be better prepared for that game? 

Coach Bull: We will most definitely be better prepared. We didn’t expect the scummy style of game play that we saw in today’s game and it threw our team out of whack. I take responsibility for that. I will have my team better prepared for all possible scenarios in that game. It appears that the Jaguars head coach is out to prove a point this season and I will not let my team be made a fool of again. 

Week 6 Contract Negotiations – 

DE J.J Watt – $42.8M total over two years* 

OL Tytus Howard – $26M total over three years*

The Texans were able to secure contracts for cornerbacks Keion Crossen and Gareon Conley. The Texans will be paying both corners roughly $10M a year. Keion Crossen requested a bit more in his contract due to his superstar status and his age. The Texans still have roughly $40M left in cap space to sign the rest of their players as negotiations open up each week. The Texans offensive line has been revamped since trading Leremy Tunsil to the Broncos and they will have to pay both of their starting tackles this season. Tytus Howard and Juwann Taylor will want roughly the same amount of money, but the Texans will make a strong push to resign both players.