S3:W5 – “They Love to Hate Me”

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They Love to Hate Me!”

Breakout Rookie S3: AFC West – Broncos

Now as we move on to the AFC Side of the PML, we stop in with the AFC West and with the Broncos. They were able to draft their franchise QB in Spencer Rattler and anytime you take a QB early, they better be a breakout rookie for your team. He is a X-FACTOR DEV QB, so no question, that he is already at the level to be breakout rookie for the Broncos, he just needs to produce on the field.

Breakout Rookie S3: AFC West – Chargers

Jumping over to the Chargers, they always get the best out of their talent and that won’t change with this draft class. Now with this team, their rookie that will be their breakout rookie will not be who you Would think. They took stud CB-S.Banks in the 1st round out of tOSU but, he is only a NORMAL DEV. The player that is getting touches and is trending towards being their breakout rookie is WR-Theo Wease out of Oklahoma. He has a decent amount of catches and even have a few carries as well. If his touches continue he will be a breakout rookie without question.

I wanted to blast my opponent for not letting it go after things got “Scummy” with my kickoff team and I apologized but, at this point he not gonna let it go, so he can [REDACTED]. We did what we needed to do on defense to hold his offense in check for the most part but, Im sure that he will have something to say about our defensive scheme as well…lol! On Offense, we kept it pretty conservative and tried to do what we could to not turn the ball over. HB-T.Etienne had a heck of a day running for 143 yards and 3TDs. We have chatted with our ST Coordinator and he has ensured me that we will get our kicks to the returner or not do our “Strategic” Kickoff at all. Our ST Coord., did say that he did find it funny that the only fumble that happened on kickoff for our opponent was when we actually was able to get the kick to the returner. Ain’t No Fun when the Rabbit got the GUN. Nonetheless, we played really good defense vs the Texans, played conservative with our offense, and that was all that was needed to get the win.

Jags sneak by the Texans for the first time this cycle, 28-21.

Now, we look onto Week 6 and the Raiders. We were told early in the season that the Raiders WR-H.Ruggs III was going to zoom past us with his speed. We’ll see if his QB has time to get the pass off with our aggressive defense that we play!

Breakout Rookie S3: AFC West – Chiefs

Looking at the Chiefs they are trending in a good direction as far which way they could go with their breakout rookie. They have an O-Lineman that is a SUPERSTAR DEV as well as Safety that is a STAR DEV. I feel that their OT-Jackson Carman out of Clemson, is already a breakout level rookie just being a SUPERSTAR DEV at OL. This are very rare so can’t discredit the value of the rookie there.

Breakout Rookie S3: AFC West – Raiders

Last but, not least of the AFC West is the Raiders. For the Raiders, their breakout rookie is easy, it’s DE-Kayvon Thibodeaux from Oregon. He is already a SUPERSTAR DEV and he has the famous “INSIDE STUFF” ability. That in itself, makes him already a breakout rookie. He has the skillset to make a impact in the pass rush game and still help in the run stuffing game. If you picking at Number 2 overall, no better player to get at that point.