S3:W4 -“Racing into the Win Column”

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Racing into the Win Column

Breakout Rookies S3 – NFC South: Buccs

As we make our round, around the PML for our breakout rookies series, we make our last stop on the NFC side with the NFC South. First team out the gate is the Buccs and their breakout rookie is an easy one. They bounced around on a few different QBs after letting Tom Brady hit FA but, they have found their franchise QB for the rest of the cycle with this one. They took, who I’m calling their breakout star, QB-Sam Howell out of North Carolina, with the 10th overall pick in the draft. He is already coming in with a SUPERSTAR DEV and is the unquestioned leader. Nice cornerstone piece to draft for the Buccs to finish out the cycle.

Breakout Rookies S3 – NFC South: Falcons

For the Falcons, I feel like it is the land of misfit draft picks. They have a couple players that I feel could be their breakout rookie, like SS-Talanoa Hufanga or WR-Drake London. Hey, even one of the many pass rushers they drafted, like DE-Tyreke Smith could even have a inside shot at it. The rookie I feel is the front runner to be their breakout rookie is DE-Zach Harrison. He hasn’t don much to really separate but, he has done the most thus far. Let’s hope that someone pops and surprises us all and turns into their breakout rookie that we were not expecting. That will be a blessing for the Falcons.

Coming into this game against the Dolphins and being 0-3 with a team as good and as highly rated as we are, pretty much was making me nauseous. This game, as I’m realizing most games for me in the PML, was not without controversy. After having 6 desyncs and playing a single 1st half, We played to what I believed to be a win 17-19, for me. I was confident because I had accommodated my opponent and let everything pretty much be in his favor in terms of how we replayed after every desync that once I did take the lead, there would be no questions left. But that is never the case, with personal perceived double standards, in the PML. I was dead-set on not replaying the game and let the demons of the PML that were chosen to rule over the decision, which would probably be turned into a fair sim. Once, my opponent reached out to me again regarding playing one last time, I was actually fed up with things and felt it was best to play and play well so that there was no question left. That’s what we did, and won our game 48-24 over the dolphins, to bring our record to 2-1 against them.

We now turn our attention to the Texans, who we have not beaten yet this cycle, in week 5. In roster news we were able to resign 2 SUPERSTAR DEV players for the rest of the cycle in FB-K.Juszczyk and K-J.Lambo.

Breakout Rookies S3 – NFC South: Panthers

Checking out the Panthers, they are an interesting case. They have 2 DEs who both, on a different team, could be breakout rookies in their own right. But, due the talent in front of them, they are nothing more than depth players at this easy stage of their careers. The player for the Panthers that is trending towards being a breakout rookie, is 1st round pick, CB-Tydon Campbell. He is still STAR DEV and rated in the mid 70’s overall but, he is up to 86 in his MCV, so he is not one to be made light of. Definitely a good get for the Panthers to help solidify their secondary.

Breakout Rookies S3 – NFC South: Saints

Last but, not least, we have the Saints. Their draft class left a lot to be desired but, not with SUPERSTAR DEV MLB-Shane Lee of if ‘bama, that they took 20th overall in the draft. He hasn’t put up much, if many stats but, he was plugged into be a starter for the Saints from Day 1. he is without question in the best position to develop into a breakout player and rookie for the Saints.